Gay parents essay

Rear view of a boy walking with two men in a park
Rear view of a boy walking with two men in a park

In recent years, the number of gay parents has grown considerably. Only a decade ago, there existed a sort of taboo concerning a desire of gays and lesbians to have children. However, the situation has changed. During the previous decade, the gay community organized several “parental meetings”, during which gays and lesbians who already had children discussed the question of child upbringing. This means that gays and lesbians have been given certain freedoms in terms of their status. The increase in the quantity of gay parents can be explained by the fact that today there are more opportunities to use the services of donors and artificial fertilization. Despite the legal prohibition of artificial fertilization, many hospitals continue to cater for the needs of lesbians making their wish to have children come true. Although some hospitals reject to provide such services, there are medical practitioners who agree to conduct such a procedure.

Today, gay parents have a right to bring up children. But the question is whether it is liable to give gays and lesbians a legal right to have children. In fact, this issue is rather controversial. First of all, lesbians and gays are claimed to negatively affect the development of a child. A child brought up by gay parents might have some mental or psychological deviations. Thus, the fact that gay parents can now have children is associated with negative outcomes, among which is inappropriate development of a child.

Furthermore, gay parents are considered to be unable to bring up children in a right manner. Gay parents are thought to be amoral being unable to instill ethical values in their children. Thus, those who are against the legalization of gay marriage claim that gays and lesbians should not be allowed having their own children as such parents are unable to ensure proper upbringing. What is more, because of the fact that a child’s parents are gays or lesbians, the child is likely to face difficulties related to the inheritance of property and acquirement of civil rights. Furthermore, it is likely that such a child will be bullied at school. Finally, the Church is against the gay marriage, let alone the issue of giving gays a right to bring up children.

On the other hand, some people speak in favor of gay families and consider that the legalization of gay families is a move forward and an indication that all people should have equal rights. Such people stand for the equality of rights no matter whether a person is a gay or not. Furthermore, people who speak in favor of the right of gay parents to have children claim that it is high time for the Church to approve gay marriages and consequently gays should be allowed having children.

In the modern world where democracy is placed over all other forms of power, everyone should be given certain freedoms. This also concerns the gay marriages and the right of gays to bring up children. Some people claim that gay marriages often prove to be more successful than traditional ones. Thus, children brought up by gay parents are likely to live a happier life. But this is only a reverse side of the medal. Nevertheless, despite numerous studies on children’s psychology, nobody can say for sure what a child really needs. Probably, as long as gay marriage has been legalized in certain countries so that gays and lesbians now have some rights, the right to have children should also be given. Overall, the issue of whether it is appropriate to allow gays parents to bring up children is still actively discussed by the world community. Hopefully, the solution to this problem will be found in the nearest future, so that it will become clear who is right.

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