Gays in the military essay

Gays in the military essay

It is evident that in the recent years, gays and lesbians have acquired more rights and freedoms. In some countries, this category of people is granted a right for gay marriage. In other countries, gays and lesbians have a right to adopt children, but there are also countries where homosexuality is prosecuted and may result in imprisonment or other kind of punishment. The USA has advanced even further. Today, in the United States gays are allowed to serve in the army. This question has long been under discussion, and it is still not defined whether gays are liable to enroll in the military service. There are arguments in favor and against the issue of gays in the military.

First, it needs to be noted that for the past decades, more and more social minorities have been fighting for the equality of rights. In this regard, it is evident that if gays have acquired a right for marriage and child adoption, they should also be given a right to serve in the army. However, most homosexuals are against such a tendency claiming that they should not be obliged to serve in the military. Generally speaking, homosexuality in the USA became popular due to the fact that gays were prohibited to serve in the army during the World War I and the Vietnam and Korean wars. This factor made numerous men change their sexual preferences leading to the spread of homosexuality across the country. In later years, homosexuality reached other countries as well. Today, homosexuality has reached such a level that in many countries the low birth rates and other social issues have become a serious problem. Thus, the issue of gays in the military is a contradictory question that still needs to be solved.

On the other hand, the problem of gays serving in the military can be perceived as a move forward in the struggle of homosexuals for the equality of rights. Gays are now given an opportunity to defend their country against enemies and become decent members of the society. In fact, the issue of gays in the military is associated with not only negative outcomes, but also positive ones. Gays are now given more freedom in terms of their civil rights. And this may be considered an important step in the fight of homosexuals against discrimination. It is likely that this tendency will become popular in many other countries of the world. For now, gays are allowed to serve in the military only in such developed countries as the USA.

Some people think that the problem of gays in the military is not really a problem. It is rather a sign of social development in terms of civil rights and freedoms. In today’s world where democracy reigns, there should not be any kind of social inequality. This concerns such social minorities as gays and lesbians as well. Thus, such issues as gay marriage, adoption of children by gay and lesbian parents and gays in the military should be perceived as positive, although some people claim that these issues stand for the lack of morality and ethical values in the society of modern times.

The Church, for example, greatly opposes not only gay marriage, but also other issues related to homosexuality. It is widely known that the Bible prohibits any kind of sexual relations with the same gender. This makes the Church stand against everything related to homosexuality. This is a negative side of the issue of giving more rights to gays and lesbians, including the issue of gays being allowed to serve in the military. This leads to the assumption that the problem of gays in the military will continue to be debated about for some years to come.

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