Getting Black America back to baseball

Our marketing plan includes six elements: situation analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, budget and control for promotion and regaining an interest in baseball by African-Americans.
Analysis of the situation. The analysis examines the situation with the baseball acting on the macro level, external factors (economic, political, legal, social, cultural, technological), as well as players or participants in the situation (the company, competitors, distributors and suppliers). It is also essential to produce an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It should move from external to internal factors.
Goals. After the analysis of the situation there are identified the best opportunities for the African- Americans and encouragement to get back to baseball. These features are ranked, and then formulate the certain objectives and define the deadlines for achieving them. Goals should be established taking into account the interests of all participants in the business, reputation and other relevant factors. There should be created clear goals considering the opportunities to be involved in baseball for African- Americans.
Strategy. The choice of the best course to achieve the goal ”“ is a task strategy. The strategy would be to promote baseball and to encourage African- Americans to regain an interest in it. Strategy is very important, and it should be formed considering the current trends in the society and the current issues that arise.
Tactics. Strategy must be developed in detail by presenting the details relating to the tools of marketing and specific activities. Each step has to be made slowly, achieving results and following the plan.
Budget. There are planned activities and work associated with costs that end up in the budget necessary to achieve company goals. Budget for getting Black America to Baseball has to be calculated according to the strategic plan and calculations of how to provide better conditions for the baseball. I think that there will be needed several millions of dollars to meet the requirements and to be able to renovate the baseball area.
Control. The plan should reflect the frequency of revision of the plan and benchmarks to determine how to move work to achieve the goal. If the figures are behind the plan, the company should revise the objectives, strategy, or a list of measures to remedy the situation. The control of the baseball area should be taken into consideration and proper improvements have to be made.
It is essential to talk about the Black Leagues. Since mid-1880 to mid-1940 there was not allowed to include in the majors to black players. Instead, teams were formed only by black players who formed leagues, called “Black Leagues.”¯ One of the most famous was the Black National League, formed in 1920. Jackie Robinson, one of the most important players of the Black League, became the first black player in modern major leagues when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Robinson led the Dodgers to victory in the National League championship and was voted Rookie of the Year. Despite dealing with hardliners and fanatics, its outstanding performance and behavior on the ground helped to overcome racial prejudice and soon other black players joined the major leagues. Another memorable play was Leroy Robert “Satchel”¯ Paige was the first black player to be accepted into the Hall of Fame baseball.
The Black Leagues were American professional baseball leagues reserved for African Americans, in the late nineteenth century until 1948. The league baseball ended in 1947 with the arrival of Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers. The most prestigious leagues were called Negro Major League.
According to Where have African-American baseball players gone? (2011), “growing inequality meant that fewer African-American boys could afford to cultivate baseball skills. These days, aspiring ballplayers hone their game on travel teams that are expensive to join. Boys in fatherless households are unlikely to grow up with a love for the game or the bucks to participate.”¯

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