Girl Scout Essay

Girls Scouts is a very important organization, where girls have an opportunity to reveal their full potential, increase their self-esteem and learn fundamental moral rules and principles which will help them in the course of their life. At the same time, while working in this organization, it is possible to make a significant contribution in the promotion of traditional American values and development of the feminist movement. At any rate, Girls Scouts help girls consistently to feel and be equal members of the American society compared to boys. Moreover, today, Girls Scouts tend to develop international cooperation that opens new opportunities for spreading progressive ideas, including the idea of equality, tolerance, and others worldwide that is a very important and responsible task. Hence, it is obvious that Girl Scouts perform an important function in the personal development of girls as well as in the development and promotion of traditional moral values and ethical norms that makes this job particularly important for me because, on the one hand, I can extend my professional skills and abilities and help many girls to grow up being confident of their rights, forces and real potential, while, on the other hand, I, in person, become self-confident and I always follow moral principles, which are fundamental to my organization, where I am currently working.

Basically, the work of a Girl Scout is mainly focused on the educational purposes since my functions as a professional employed by Girl Scouts of the USA are focused on education of younger girls who join our organization and who want to be Girl Scouts. However, it is important to understand that being a Girls Scout is not the ultimate goal of this job or this organization, while the major goal is a positive outcome of being a member of the Girl Scouts organization. In fact, girls who join our organization want to become one of us through developing basic skills, abilities and learning our fundamental principles which actually meet traditional American moral and ethical principles. Therefore, my functions and goals as a professional working within the Girl Scouts of the USA are to help those girls to become not only Girl Scouts but also self-confident girls, citizens, who are able to live independently and observe traditions and moral rules which have existed in our society for centuries and which have become fundamental for our nation. In such a context, it is possible to distinguish two major dimensions at which the work of a Girl Scout aims.

First of all, the work of a Girl Scout aims at the development of practical skills and abilities. In actuality, this means that I, as a professional working at the Girl Scouts of the USA, should assist girls to develop essential practical skills and abilities which can help them to survive even in the most difficult and unfriendly environment. For instance, Girl Scouts should be able to provide people in need with the first aid that can save lives of those people who are injured and need professional medical aid. Obviously, all these skills are very useful and helpful but girls need to learn and develop these skills with the help of professionals like me.

On the other hand, the development of practical skills and abilities is only a foundation but not the essence of our organization. In fact, actual goals of Girls Scouts go far beyond the development of a set of practical skills and abilities. Moral and cultural education is not less, if not to say more, important than the development of practical skills and abilities and it is one of my major responsibilities to help Girl Scouts to get the moral and cultural education. What is meant here is the fact that through practical work and experience girls acquire in our organization, they develop basic moral qualities and learn basic principles which are traditional for our culture and society. In this respect, it is worth mentioning such principles as honesty, fairness, courage, sisterhood, self-confidence, mutual support. In fact, all these principles and values are essential for the positive development of girls since these principles and values show them the positive way of life, where there is no room for betrayal, dishonest acts and other negative trends, which are widely spread in the modern society.

In actuality, moral and cultural education seems to be very important that makes my job particularly responsible and meaningful for me. It seems to me that moral values and cultural traditions of our society, which have persisted for centuries, start fading away, being replaced by principles of consumerism, which become mainstream in the contemporary culture. In such a situation, traditional moral norms and principles and cultural traditions of our society are devaluated and people do need such organizations as the Girl Scouts of the USA and employees working in this organization need to maintain traditions and moral values of our society, spreading them among girls.

In addition, my job implies the individual work with each girl who has joined our organization. In this respect, I need to have an extensive knowledge in the field of psychology in order to find an individual approach to each Girl Scout and help each girl to become a true Girl Scout. On the basis of my professional experience, I can estimate that psychological assistance is very important to Girl Scouts because it helps them consistently to overcome challenges they may face. Often, psychological support of Girl Scouts is not less important than practical skills and abilities they need to develop to perform certain tasks and overcome challenges.

At the same time, I need to be able to develop the team work spirit that also implies the effective application of my knowledge in the field of psychology. In this regard, organizational and managerial skills are also very significant because I need to be able to organize the work of groups of girls effectively and I need to teach them how to work in a team. This is why team management is an essential part of my professional work.

Furthermore, it is impossible to succeed in my work if you do not have leadership qualities. In fact, it is necessary to be a leader to achieve positive outcomes in my work because girls need a positive example, a model of behavior which they may to follow and I have to be such a leader. On demonstrating a positive example to girls, I help them to become more self-confident and assured in their forces, abilities and power. Being a leader is a significant advantage in my work because it is easier to untie girls and make them working as a team. At the same time, it is a great responsibility because girls should not be disillusioned in their leader. This is why I have to follow basic principles and values of our organization to be a model of behavior for other girls within our organization.

Finally, I believe that one of the most important goals of my work is the development of community services, which Girl Scouts should be able to provide. In actuality, the need of the society in effective community services increases, but state agencies and social workers cannot provide the full range of community services. This is exactly where Girl Scouts can come to help communities and people in need.

Community services are beneficial not only for the community proper but also for Girl Scouts themselves because these services help them to learn universal humanistic values, to become supportive and able to aid people.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that the work in the Girl Scouts of the USA is a very important work for me. In fact, this work helps me to develop not only my professional skills and abilities, but, what is more important, it helps me to develop my personal qualities. Moreover, while working at the Girl Scouts of the USA I feel that my life is purposeful as I can help other people and teach many girls to become good citizens as well as I help them find their own way in life based on our traditional cultural values and principles.

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