Global Warming Essay

As a matter of fact the fundamental notion that the climate is changing may hardly be argued about, as the planet has already experienced the consequences of the nature freaks. The changing global climate issues profound strategic challenges to the United States as well as to the other countries of the world.

According to military and intelligence analysts, it raises the prospect of military intervention to deal with catastrophes caused by violent storms, drought and mass migration. The global warming will also lead to inter-state conflicts over vital resources, political and public disorder, extremism within nations as well as food shortage and closely related issues. The chain reaction may be unpredictable. According to the data summarized by John M. Broder, the National Defense University has already explored the impact of a destructive flood in Bangladesh which sent considerable number of refugees to neighboring India, provoked religious conflict, the infrastructure damage and caused the outburst of contagious diseases.

Political debate on global warming has been concentrated on exploring substitutes for fossil fuels, emission reduction and the world’s temperature rising causing glaciers melting which is an explicit threat to the national interest. A great number of analysts, including Peter Ogden, the State Department’s top climate negotiator, accentuate that climate change poses security and geopolitical challenges; therefore it has already become a priority of the Obama administration policy.

The Senate’s Committee on Environment and Public Works passed legislation mandating greenhouse gas reductions for the economy of the US. The Virginia Senator John Warner supported the bill and commented on his decision: “I have focused above all on issues of national security”¦I see the problem of global climate change fitting squarely within that focus” and may be another way of keeping America safe (Warner).

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