Good design essay paper

Good design is a term that can be implemented in many spheres of human activities, but in every sphere it should be defined in a different way. In math, for example, the good design is evidence with the minimal number of steps.

Generally, in every branch good design is the shortest way to the aim; however, the problem is in the nature of aim.

Google logo is the example of good design. On the one hand it is too banal: rainbow letters on the white background, the search toolbar and that’s all. However, it was the essence of Google doctrine and marketing strategy: the search only and nothing superfluous.

The good design in architecture has its own specifics. The values of architectural design changed from style to style and from the period to period. However, as the good design in other spheres, the good design in architecture should be aesthetic, structural and honest. It should correspond to the spirit if its time. It also should be the self-reflection of the architect.  It also should reflect the local traditions of the region.

The example of good design in the architecture is the center of Wells Fargo Company in Denver. This skyscraper is called Cash register doe to the form of its roof.  The building was completed in 1983 and is 698 ft. (213 m.) tall. On the other hand, this is the skyscraper, multileveled tall business-center in the center of the modern city. On the other hand, the original form of the roof makes the building the example of good design. Despite the aesthetic look and self-reflection of the architect, the form of this roof is very practical: it prevents the snow accumulation on the roof in the winter. It is very useful and functional feature in Denver.

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