Group Performance

Increasingly, in recent years executives put at the heart of the establishment and strengthening of a favorable psychological climate in the company. They understand that the close-knit team to reduce the burden on the organization’s leader, make better decisions, reduce the likelihood of administrative errors. During the team-improving interaction between people and departments, it is essential to identify problems timely, which have long been overlooked. Moreover, it is less likely to manipulate the heads of his subordinates. And most importantly, an effective command increases the reliability of the business, its profitability, can solve the problem, which alone can not. Effective and productive group performance has become indispensable in each organization. It determines the strategy of the company, its work and image.
Of course, every organization is unique, but almost every company can find a situation of confrontation and even conflict between departments. The classical steel there is “features”¯ of the interaction between sales and marketing. Often the finance department does not like HR – department. However, the manager must stop this interaction, to understand the situation and gain skills to optimize the unit a common goal. These days, most business areas and projects are managed by management teams. To survive, the organizational structures of companies are becoming more dynamic, because the problems that confront the company require the creation of new teams specifically for the implementation of specific projects. Therefore, the project team recognizes the central unit of the modern organization. Working as a team will only be effective if the team is picked up correctly, according to How to be an effective tam member (2010).
Together in a group, the individual can reduce feelings of danger and anxiety experienced by a single person. In the group he feels stronger, feels more able to resist external threats. Belonging to a prestigious, prosperous or well-known organization throws a gleam of success and exclusivity or its employees. Membership in one or more groups helps you feel more important. The individual feels flattered, if adopted in some prestigious group, such as the elite club. The desire to continue to work explicitly for the money, seems to indicate that the working group largely satisfies social needs of the individual. People need to have regular and stable interactions, and for the majority of communication in the workplace it is a major source of satisfaction to the need for affiliation.
Need for power. Joint common goal, one desire, the group can become a real source of power in the organization. What a man can not achieve individually, sometimes it becomes possible through group action. For individuals with a strong need in the power of the group can become a source of power even in the absence of a formal position in the organization. Thus, membership in the group can open the individual path to power over others, according to Defining the “Playing Field”¯ for Your Organizational Team ”“ Part Two (2011).
The need for achievement. There are many tasks that are difficult and sometimes impossible to fulfill for the individual. Very often, these tasks require different abilities, skills and knowledge. In such cases, the only union in the group will help the individual achieve the desired result.

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