Gun Control in America

It is essential to note that to date, 23 states out of 50 allowed the open carrying of weapons. Concealed carry weapons without any restrictions allowed in 38 states and is prohibited in two states: Wisconsin and Illinois. On June 26, 2008 the U.S. Supreme Court abolished ban, which existed 32 years for the right to bear arms in the U.S. capital ”“ Washington. Minimal age, defined by U.S. federal law for possession of long-barreled weapons is 18 years, short-barreled is 21 years. It should be noted that in those states, where concealed carry weapons is permitted, citizens kill twice more criminals than police officers. However, there is a tendency to increase the number of weapons among the U.S. citizens, and therefore the police becoming increasingly difficult to detain suspects, because each of them can have gun and can apply it. In addition, it is well known that many crimes are committed in the so-called “towns”ť ”“ districts with a pronounced ethnic composition. The result is that the police crew, which consists of two police officers, detains a suspected person in such towns in front of a crowd of his friends, each of whom has a gun. That is why police try to get guns off the street, where it is possible, as stated in Taking a Look at Gun Control in America.
It should be noted that U.S. citizens use guns to defend themselves every year, in approximately 2.1 million cases. Using weapons in self-defense is considered, including the direction of weapons on a person that commits a wrongful act, as well as preventive shooting into the air. Citizens are obliged to immediately inform the police about all cases of weapons usage that resulted in shooting. The use of firearms by citizens, in the interests of self-defense, in 98% of cases does not result with death or serious injury of attackers.
With the aim to show the statistics in the gun control issue I would like to provide two examples of how changed the forensic environment with the adoption of free gun usage by the U.S. citizens. In Orlando, Florida, in 1966 rape accounted for 36.9 episodes per 100,000 population. After that women began to buy guns. Moreover, police invited all interested persons free training courses in safe handling of weapons. As a result, in 1967 the level of rapes fell to 4 episodes per 100,000 population. In 1968, police conducted the study – none of the women, who had visited the training, did use weapons for attacks, murders, suicides, threats. The second example is also from Florida. In response to a wave swamped the state with crime in 1987, state authorities were allowed citizens to have and carry with them a loaded gun. Over the next year crime has fallen by 21%, while in the country as a whole, it rose by 12%, homicides decreased by 22%, and the use of firearms by 29%, the same national average increased by 15% and 50 % respectively. The statistic showed that from October 1, 1987 to February 28, 1994 the authorities in Florida have been issued 204 108 gun permits, of which only 17 permits (0,008%) were withdrawn because the owner later committed a crime (not necessarily highly dangerous), which was attended with weapon. Several states have enacted additional laws. Example is California, with its “California Firearms Laws”ť, which allow people to have gun for self-defense, as described in White House to Push Gun Control. In my opinion, these examples are strong argument for the support of free gun ownership all over the country, despite police and federal authority’s efforts to reduce turnover and free sale of arms in the country.
To sum it up I would like that there are a lot of legislation acts, which regulates the gun control in the U.S. Moreover, the right to own weapons is protected be the Constitution of the United States. However, with the coming of the Obama administration there is an attempt to adopt more gun control laws, which aim is to restrict the free circulation and sale of weapons in the U.S. Although, to date, these attempts can not be considered successful since the last elections in Congress defeated the Republicans, who have traditionally defended the right of Americans to freely bear arms. Also, there is a strong tendency to increase the number of weapons among the U.S. citizens, and therefore for the police it becomes increasingly difficult to detain suspects, because each of them can have gun and can apply it. Of course, it is a freedom of choice to have a gun, or not, but we have statistics, which indicates that the states, where the carrying of weapons is prohibited ”“ the number of crimes is much higher.

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