Haiti earthquake and immigration issues essay

Earthquake ”“ is a mighty natural element that appears as a result of sudden displacements and breaks in the earth’s crust. Destructive force of earthquakes is the most noticeable in big cities, but I think that it is of little importance for people where they will become earthquake’s victims. Nowadays earthquakes belong to the most destructive natural forces and scientific researches proved that the mightiest earthquake can be in 10 thousand more powerful than a-bomb, down faulted on Hiroshima in 1945. Recently Haiti was an epicenter of mighty earthquake that took away thousands lives and people who stay alive lost not only their house but their relatives and faith in the future.  I want to discuss this awful catastrophe in relate to the topic how Canada help victims of this terrible situation.

We know that during an earthquake earth under feet reminds the deck of ship at the time of the marine tossing. It destroys everything on its way and many people at the time of its beginning began to cry that houses and everything around them collapse”¦. It is complete chaos everywhere. Many large buildings, such as offices hotels and shops appeared blasted as a result of earthquakes at the seashore of Haiti, hundreds and even thousands of people can be buried under obstructions. It is so hard even to imagine that you can stay without house and lost all that you have and will never see your relatives. I think that it is very big disaster for all people and you will never be ready to such situations. It is an extraordinary catastrophe and many countries try to help to Haitian people, because such grief can take a place in every country and we should help to each other in hard situations. Canada brought in an enormous contribution to the rescue of victims of earthquake and accepts immigrants from a suffering region. We understand that immigrants will be face to different kinds of problems but Canada’s government tries to help people as much as they can. There we adopted special Canadian immigration measures for Haiti that are directed on the improvement situation with Haitian people. Reliable internet source show us that among these special measures we see:

ü        “Canadian immigration applications for Haitians with family in Canada are being expedited.

ü        Haitians in Canada on a temporary basis will be allowed to extend their stay.

ü        Canadian immigration’s Call Centre received more calls than normal with 37,849 calls per day from 18 to 25 January. This represents a 50% increase over normal call volumes; Call volumes are now returning to normal. In addition over 2,800 emails were received since 18 January.

ü        CIC is holding information sessions for the Montréal Haitian community and the Toronto Haitian community to provide details of special immigration measures to help their communities during this difficult time. This includes special arrangements to sponsor immediate family members who were seriously affected by the earthquake in Haiti. These information sessions have proved popular with over 1,650 people attending the Montréal information sessions.” (http://www.workpermit.com)

It is well-known fact that members of  “Edmonton’s Haitian community are calling on the federal government to relax immigration laws so they can help family members, devastated by the earthquake in Haiti, come to Canada” (Sunger, 2010). Many local Haitians don’t have Canadian citizenship yet and they asked the government to give them permanent status because they want to help their relatives and without their help it will be hard to restore all their life from the beginning.

Sunger added Amson Saintime, the president of the Haitian Association of Edmonton words that “It would be a great thing if the government could issue them permanent residence, so they’ll be able to sponsor their family members in need” (Sunger, 2010). The response have the next character “The Quebec government is ready to loosen its immigration regulations; however, Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently declared that the notion of expanding the categories of sponsorship to include extended families is “irresponsible” and that to do so would be unprecedented and unrealistic.” (http://www.canadavisa.com)

Analyzing received data we can conclude that Canada agree to help Haitians who lost everything by humanitarian aid and allow some immigrants to live in their country. This question is rather disputable how to solve this problem without hard outcomes for people but it is impossible and the federal Canadian government looking for the best variation of problem decision.

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