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The web has become a vital aspect of health care. It has become a place to research diseases and medications, as well as components of the health care continuum. These sites are used to provide information about their services, physician referrals, and community outreach information. Select a health care delivery system provider from your local area (hospital, nursing home, medical laboratory, school health, public health, etc.) and research the information available on this site.
Name of agency: Decatur Memorial Hospital

It is known that any good health system should provide effective health services which include the delivery of effective personal care to those people who need it.(Kovner & Knickman, 2008, p.11)
In this paper, I will represent Decatur Memorial Hospital as one of the effective health care delivery system providers in the USA.
It is known that Decatur Memorial Hospital has its web site ( all the necessary information concerning its services, physician referrals and other important aspects of its activity can be found at any time.
Website information

The information given in the site of Decatur Memorial Hospital includes patient care info, the search of physicians, family birth center info, quality data, various services offered by the hospital, maps of numerous departments of the hospital, the latest news and career info.

The major delivery services provided by Decatur Memorial Hospital
Decatur Memorial Hospital provides a wide range of delivery services which include the following ones:

Ӣ Numerous rehabilitation services which include different levels of care at hospital or at home: aquatic therapy, sports medicine, speech language pathology, leadership, orthopaedics, hand therapy, pediatric programs and so on. These services are carried out by the special rehabilitation team which consist of physical therapists, speech therapists and other specialists. Different neurological disorders, sports injuries and the effects of stroke can be successfully treated by the DMH rehabilitation team.

Ӣ Family birth center services which include nursing care, prenatal classes, individual counseling and so on.

Ӣ Emergency services which include diagnostic technologies, Digital X-ray, Light Speed CT to provide assistance to those people who have heart attacks, different traumatic injuries and strokes. Emergency services are delivered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Ӣ Psychological services which are delivered by the professionals who are ready to help their patients with emotional and physical pain. Each patient is given an individual attention. The psychology specialists of Decatur Memorial Hospital have an experience and appropriate knowledge in relaxation training, neuropathy, sleep disorders, addictions and alcohol abuse, depression, fibromyalgia and so on.

Ӣ Prime time services which include different programs to assist people who are 55 and older. The benefits of these programs are blood pressure screenings, professional treatment, insurance procedures, free seminars and so on.

Ӣ Volunteer services which include the work of volunteer team of Decatur Memorial Hospital, the work of heart when volunteers share their skills and their kind hearts in services to the patients and to the hospital. They can help hospital staff or carry out patient care services and customer services in the shop of the hospital and so on.

Ӣ Chaplaincy services which provide not only the supportive listening of the patients, some appropriate assistance in different spiritual issues, in feelings of patients, comfort in case of loss and so on. These services also offer New Testaments and Scripture, prayers and communion. The patients also can have worship service each Friday.

”¢ Dialysis services which are available in the hospital all the time. The specialists are experienced technicians who have a lot of knowledge in dialysis. Special treatment (plasma is removed from the patients’ blood which has harmful substances)is provided by the personnel of the dialysis department.

Ӣ Surgical services which are offered by the professionals of the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Ӣ Home health services which give the opportunity to the patients to be treated at home. (Decatur Memorial Hospital, 2010)

I think that Decatur Memorial Hospital and the services which are provided by the specialists of this hospital fit in the continuum of care in a proper way. The hospital is known as one of the best medical institutions in the country. The professionalism of the staff and the use of new technologies in the treatment make it possible to provide high quality services to all the patients.
The website provides resource options in such a way that it is very easy to find this or that service or other option.
The site also provides community information which is represented by the numerous programs such as different healthcare programs and financial assistance programs. The site represents general health care information concerning infection control, general visiting hours, room service, patient’s bill of rights and responsibilities, billing and insurance, safety in the hospital, payment and healthcare operations and other important issues.

I think that the official site which represents all the necessary information concerning Decatur Memorial Hospital is very helpful in providing a better understanding of the services available in our community. Any person who lives in Central Illinois has his right to seek medical attention and help of the appropriate physician. It is very important for every person to know that he/she can get medical assistance of professionals who know different methods of treatment and can use new technologies in treatment.

As for me, I will use this site for my own health care needs with great pleasure because it is very easy to use and contains a lot of the necessary medical information. I will be able to find the appropriate physician which will provide a high quality health care. I think it is very important to know that the physicians of Decatur Memorial Hospital are skilled specialists and you can trust them.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that health care delivery service plays an important role in any country.
The lives of the patients depend on the experience, education and human relation of the physician who will deliver medical care. That is why the site of Decatur Memorial Hospital is an important tool in the hands of any patient who hopes to get good treatment and understanding in the hospital.


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