Hezbollah and world in whole: global perspectives

Hezbollah is considered to be terrorist organization by USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Canada, Israel and Australia. It is accused of terrorist actions against civil and military people.

In the Arabic and Moslem world, on the contrary, Hezbollah is viewed as national liberation movement and is considered to be “unofficial” military forces. In the majority of other countries Hezbollah is not viewed as a terrorist organization.

Besides military|battlefield| activity Hezbollah participates in Lebanese parliament work, provides help to Lebanese population in education|formation| and medical service. However, military activity remains in the foreground.

From the moment of its beginning Hezbollah has a marked anti-western, in particular Anti-American, Anti-French|julienne| and Anti-Israel trend. However with time priorities|precedency| of organization were changed. Hezbollah runs social development programs, supports hospitals, and has some news services and educational centers|heartland|.

In March, 2006 UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs noted:

“Hezbollah not only has armed and political wings – it also boasts an extensive social development programme. The group currently operates at least four hospitals, 12 clinics, 12 schools and two agricultural centres that provide farmers with technical assistance and training. It also has an environmental department and an extensive social assistance programme. Medical care is also cheaper than in most of the country’s private hospitals and free for Hezbollah members.”

Hezbollah has a construction firm which gives|provide| financial|cost| help to those, whose houses|building| were destroyed during IDF attacks or internal Lebanese conflicts.

The families of killed Hezbollah members receive a pension and other types of financial help. Hezbollah is extremely|last| popular among Shia population of Lebanon, which make about 30% population and which suffered the most from Israeli occupation.

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