Highlight Special Interests, Talents, Goals or Unique Experience essay

On recalling my experience, I should say that I always attempted to make my life purposeful and useful for other people. I strongly believe that we cannot live for our own sake only. Instead, we should take care of other people around us for the more we give the more we gain. At the same time, we are not always confident of the fact that we can really help other people. I know many people who believe that they cannot be of any help to other people and they do nothing to change the situation. Frankly speaking I used to be one of such persons, but I have changed my life dramatically as I started tutoring math, which was a very important experience for me.

In fact, I started tutoring because I needed money. I was quite successful in math, which was my favorite subject, and being at high school I understood that I can use my love to math and my knowledge more effectively, effectively for me in the first turn. At first with a few students and my work allowed me to improve my financial position and made me more independent from my parents and their financial assistance. However, it was not my ultimate goal. What I needed at that time was just some extra money to be more certain in my future to continue my education since I expected to gain my majors in math and finance. In such a way, I gained some money and get practice in teaching other students math.

At the moment, it was a very important experience for me because I got started to better understand the teaching and learning process for I have never thought of teaching math before, while when I started tutoring I found out the ways to improve my learning strategies. As I attempted to facilitate the learning for my students I learned new strategies myself and started to apply them in my own studies.

However, in the course of time, I came to the conclusion that many potentially gifted students, who have a talent and strife for learning math, did want to learn math but they did not have such an opportunity because they failed to perform well at school and they did not have money to pay to a tutor. This is why, on a few months of tutoring, I started to assist some students, who lived in poverty stricken neighborhoods, free of charge. They did not pay for my work, but I was not disappointed at all. In stark contrast, it was a great pleasure for me to work with these students who were inexpressibly grateful for my help, but, what was more important for me, I felt their progress as they learned more and more. Their academic successes in math were the best reward for me because I understood that my efforts did bring positive results not only for me, in person, but also to those students I helped.

Thus, I have discovered that my passion to math could be helpful not only for me but also for those students who are also deeply interested in math but they have no one to help them to learn it. Hence, tutoring, even though it was free of charge, was my greatest experience so far.

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