Hip Hop Music and the need for Parental advisory sticker

According to the book called “The Vibe History of Hip Hop” by Vibe Magazine (edited by Alan Light in September 1999) growling, humming, and bent notes as fuzz effects and flanging; falsetto and false bass in vocals and early instrumental music as octave splitting and the products of harmonizers. And think of the wash and panning effects of choirs and big bands; the wah-wah of plungers and hats over horns (1999, pg 51). However, as far as we are concerned, hip-hop culture includes many directions and forms, such as graffiti, music, art, beat boxing, rapping, video, dances and others. This part of work is dedicated to the graffiti and break dancing itself.

The hip -hop culture is firstly the unique single issue that previously influence on other types of culture and genres. It can be definitely said that hip- hop culture is already a set of combinations of thoughts, ideas, perspectives that leads to the universal and special issue, including music, style of clothing, way of living, vocal aspects and other. However, it is a culture itself. Thus, I think it can live alone without any influences from other genres and styles, ideas and cultures, although it can be improved, impressed and inspired by them. Hip-hop culture can just fulfill some absent factors of its nature in order to become better and more interesting, involving for the youth and modern generation, in general.

Parental advisory sticker is adefinitely needed thing in the contemporary world. According to the internet source, parental advisory is a message affixed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to audio and recordings in the United States of America containing excessive use of profane language and/or sexual references. Albums began to be labeled for “explicit lyrics” in 1985. In 2000, the PMRC worked with the RIAA to standardize the label, creating the now-familiar black and white design (2001, pg 1, <http://www.hiphopmusic.com/>). The advisory parental sticker is needed to control and regulate what children listen, they give an opportunity to parents to limit the amount of music deleting that can spoila child. However, some retairles used to sell their albums with or without the label that can stop an adult of buying and listening the album. This is defnitely important andneeded function that shows the ability of listener to buy an album and not to damage and interrupt hid psychical and psuchological behavior and way of thinking.

In the conclusion, I must admit that the hip-hop culture is worth of attention because of its history and influences on the modern youth. Detailed overview allowed getting the main ideas, advantages and disadvantages of a big amount of thoughts, facts and arguments. In conclusion, the inference let us summarize and sum up all the information we are going to discuss. It is not surprising that through the time hip-hop culture has developed, in the result of its development pop music has absorbed different musical genres influences. At the start of its developing, pop music included the sentimental ballad (however, for its form).

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