Hire More Teacher

Today, education is of the utmost importance because knowledge is the main value which gives an individual with ample opportunities to succeed in his or her professional career and become successful. However, the modern education, especially public schools are ineffective.

In this regard, the class size does matter and it is obvious that the class size should be reduced in order to increase the effectiveness of education.

First of all, it should be said that public schools often face a problem of large size of classes, which apparently cannot meet the basic needs of students in normal education. In fact, students are unable to learn in overcrowded classes where they get practically no attention from the part of a teacher who cannot involve all the students in oversized classes. In many schools students are “crammed into classes of 34 or more” (Hamison). As a result, academic successes of students, few they are, decrease even more. In such a situation, many students naturally drop out of school because they cannot succeed in their learning and they do not see any points in continuing their education.

Furthermore, the problem of discipline naturally arises in the overcrowded classes since it is more difficult for a teacher to control the situation in the classroom, if the number of students exceeds all logical standards. In contrast, “smaller classes have been shown to increase student achievement, reduce disciplinary problems lower teacher attrition and improve parent involvement” (Hamison).

In such a situation, teachers cannot work effectively because they need to focus on the maintenance of discipline instead of teaching students their subject. Obviously, overcrowded classrooms increase the number of stressful situations and teacher often prefer to quit, instead of carrying on their work at school.

Finally, overcrowded classes decrease the involvement of students not only in class activities but also in school activities at large that may influence their socialization. Hence, students are often excluded from the normal social life.

Thus, it is obvious that the number of students in classes should be reduced to increase the effectiveness of education.

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