Homosexuality essay

Homosexuality has existed long ago, in many periods of the history of the humanity. However, the attitude to homosexuality has been quite different: starting from acceptance of it in ancient Greece and total rejection in religious societies, especially Christian ones (Bozett, 1989, p.21). There is not much qualitative research concerning traditional families and homosexuality, only data of observation. However, this topic needs deeper research and investigation, because current society is dominated by homophobia. Despite the warming of attitude during several last decades, the reaction of people with traditional values to homosexuality is quite negative. As a result, many people with non-traditional orientation suffer discrimination, alienation and have to hide their life from others.

Homosexuality in traditional families is mostly feared, and receives very negative attitude. Studies have shown that heterosexual males exhibit slightly more negative attitudes toward gay men than toward lesbians, and heterosexual females are more likely to have slightly more negative attitudes toward lesbians than toward gay men (Bozett, 1989, p.85).

If it is disclosed that one of the family members has a non-traditional orientation, this may become a shock for other members and stigmatize the whole family. In fact, social attitude is a very big problem for homosexual people, and negative reaction inside the family might even ruin one’s identity. The supportive environment of family is the least place where someone expects to be rejected and criticized.

Therefore, the social homophobia which takes place in the majority of traditional families needs to be addressed and possible eliminated, because simple prejudice may ruin family relations of a great number of people. Research has also shown that people who have more tolerance to homosexuality usually have better attitude to other minority groups, and have positive attitude to life as a whole. Therefore, increasing social tolerance to homosexual people will also contribute to establishing better attitude between different groups of the society in general.

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