How Legal and Illegal Immigrants shaped the U.S. Economy?

Latin America. The United States remains the land of entry for millions of immigrants. Nowadays, it dominates this immigration are Latin Americans and, in particular, the Mexicans. Now there are almost 30 million people of Mexican origin in the U.S. Nearby states to Mexico, like Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, California and Florida are, each year, are “flooded” with the entry of new immigrants. Puerto Rico, Cuba and El Salvador also send thousands of immigrants each year. There are already 1.200.000 Brazilians in the lands in the U.S., according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2009). About 45 million Americans are now Latino. They are more numerous than blacks and are the fastest growing ethnic group in the country.

Racism. The millions of immigrants from all continents of the world trained in the United States, an ethnically diverse population. For many centuries, however, the white population of British descent dominated the country, marginalizing the other ethnic groups. Under the acronym WASP (white Anglo-Saxon Protestant) was created a strong sense of racism in that country Other European immigrants such as Germans and Irish, were considered inferior. However, over the generations, they ended up being diluted within the population. For blacks, the situation was difficult because until the 1960s, the African-Americans were considered inferior to whites by law. The Indians, in turn, were considered “unassimilable” and were slaughtered by the millions. The country bases its laws on racism as the “One Drop Rule.” This law underlay that anyone who had a drop of African blood was automatically black and, therefore, legally and biologically inferior, as stated in Effects of the Great Depression on Immigration.

Miscegenation. Although the U.S. government tried to prevent interracial relationships legally, there was a whole achieved. In a round about way, a significant miscegenation in the United States. Genetic research showed that 30% of U.S. were white population, or 74 million people have some African ancestry and / or indigenous. The mix varies from 20 to 20% in the genetic contribution, with an average of 3.2% and 0.7% African American Indian. In the case of black Americans miscegenation was more intense, leaving 25 to 30% contribution European and / or indigenous, as described by Daniel Rothenberg.

In addition to the legal way of entry is not U.S. territory, work or study there, which is not often said, there are certainly many different options to make it illegal. And such is often enough – not for nothing that the U.S. immigration authorities are so strict and picky. Should not be considered this material as a kind of guide for violating U.S. immigration laws, but rather an overview of the methods resorted to illegal immigrants in order to prevent such actions – it is no secret that sometimes you can break the law of the entirely innocent reasons. But the old truism that ignorance of the law is no excuse, is valid for United States, as described in The underground economy.

At the moment the U.S. is experiencing acute shortages in the country, and official authorities are forced to replenish the deficit manpower from abroad. According to official projections, for example, it was expected that to the territory of the country in 80 years will come not more than 9.8 million illegal and legal immigrants, which is itself 50 per cent more than in the 70 years. But in reality, at this period in the United States came to nearly 10 million people. According to the 1990 census, the country’s white population was 80 percent, but the number of black Americans has increased by 13 percent Spanish-speaking immigrants – at 53 percent, and Asians – already twice. The wave of immigration continued, and all the 90th years, so it joined and immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Generally fair to say that the United States of America is a unique public education, because now living in the country, Americans have formed as a nation, as a result of migration of many millions of immigrants, the vast majority – of the Europeans. But not always, the doors of the United States were open for visitors to their permanent place of residence of immigrants. Throughout the history of the United States called immigrants, and then tried to get rid of them.

It is clear that due to increased flow of immigrants into the country increased anti-immigrant sentiment. The press began to arise debate about whether to allow immigrants in general to the modern America. Polls show that nearly two-thirds of the population of the United States is against the liberalization of immigration laws. But at the same time, it is obvious that without immigrants the United States can experience some difficulties in economic development. But on the other hand, the U.S. has stricter penalties for illegal immigrants, as they contribute to a drop in prices for labor and cause great resentment among American workers.

And although the U.S. government is taking drastic measures to combat illegal entry of immigrants, the situation is clearly not on the side of the authorities. Number of illegal migrants can not be accounted for. According to different estimates, it is from 1 to 8 million mainly in the U.S. illegally arrive natives of Mexico, Latin America – usually for unskilled work.
Many residents of countries constituting the former Soviet Union are trying to get work visas in the U.S. to earn abroad. If it is not possible, they just decide to go on a tourist or visitor visa and become illegal immigrants in hopes of a place to find work and get a residence permit.

The reason that this is possible is simple. Illegal’s demand salary sometimes several times lower than the employer would pay American workers. Naturally it is an advantage for the employer. Of course, that once there is demand ”“ there will be an offer. And while the government establishes a system of fines for businesses that attract illegal immigrants, but no sanctions have not stopped entrepreneurs, as the savings to pay wages are very high.

How does all this usually happen? Scheme is approximately as follows. Many of those who did not get a work visa in the U.S., decided to embark in all heavy and find illegal work construction workers, governesses, nannies, nurses, cleaners and even programmers. It is clear that employers and job applicants together have their mutual interest.

In the event that illegal immigrants live in a host and do not spend money on rent of an apartment and food, but it happens often enough, as they can earn in a month, about 300-600 dollars. It should be noted, there are cases when many illegal immigrants are held, “incoming” workers and earn depending on the amount and time of 700-1500 dollars a month.

Almost a similar situation is in Canada, except that the monthly income of an illegal immigrant there is about 30 percent lower than in the U.S. Generally in Canada, unlike the United States, for illegal workers has been formed a truly paradoxical situation. Some of them even manage to get a good social benefit in the event of job loss or inability to find it. The fact is that in Canada, immigration and social agencies, they are two unrelated service: they are not connected to a computer network, do not have a common database. And hiding from the immigration service, you can easily reach into the social, to show any ID, inform the address and say that you have no work and therefore unable to pay for tenant and maintain himself and the family. There they are put on record and will regularly give aid.

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