Human Resource Management Essay

Today, human resource management is vulnerable to considerable changes under the impact of multiple factors. In this respect, technological innovations, scientific progress and the process of globalization are major factors that define the development of human resource management in the modern world. In fact, all these changes contribute to the increasing role of employees’ flexibility and organizational culture, which should be adapted to the fast introduction of new technologies and effective organizational performance in a multicultural environment.

The current development of new technologies turns to be faster than the professional training of the personnel. What is meant here is the fact that professionals simply do not have knowledge, skills and experience to practically implement new technologies (Notorantonio, 2006). As a result, new technologies that could be very perspective and could increase substantially the work of the personnel and the performance of the organization at large are used only partially or, at any rate, their potential is not fully used.

At the same time, the implementation of new technology and the lack of essential skills and knowledge engender another serious challenge ”“ the necessity of the professional training of the personnel in order to increase the qualification of professionals and prepare them to work effectively with new technologies. However, it should be said that the organization of training courses and implementation of some educational programs may be viewed only as a partial solution of this problem because in the modern, rapidly progressing world it is practically impossible that professionals could maintain the high professional level only with the help of special training or some educational programs (Clarke, 2001). In fact, nowadays, good professionals should be able to acquire new knowledge and develop new skills independently from any training programs or educators. In fact, self-education should become the major trend in the preparation of professionals to work in the modern world. In such a way, they should learn to progress constantly and improve their professional level without any external assistance but on the basis of their own skills and abilities to acquire new knowledge and develop new skills.

Furthermore, the development of globalization leads to the increasing role of cultural diversification. The latter implies that modern organizations operate in multicultural environment and human resource managers should focus on the effective work of employees from diverse cultural backgrounds. In such a situation, specialists (Clements, 2008) warn about the highly stressful environment in which employees operate. In fact, cultural differences may be a serious stressful factor human resource managers should cope with.

In such a situation, many specialists (Henning, 2006) recommend managers focusing on openness of their relationships with employees.

In fact, owner, managers and employees should develop positive interpersonal relations to make a good team of co-workers, who are united by common goal and who are fair and open to each other.

Finally, it is important to assess adequately employees to select the most prospective ones (Scott et al., 2007). In this respect, the competence of employees should be the main factor. In fact, human resource manager should be able to constantly improve the qualification of employees to ensure the improvement of the organizational performance.

Thus, in conclusion, it should be said that modern human resource management is affected by the development of technologies and globalization. In such a situation, managers should focus on the development of flexibility and tolerance within organizations and develop positive organizational culture to unite a team of professionals working within an organization.

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