Human Resource Management Essay

The development of professional skills, education and training are of a paramount importance in the contemporary world. In fact, the ability of an individual to acquire new knowledge, develop new skills and abilities and implement them in his/her professional environment is one of the determinant factors that define the extent to which the individual is competitive and perspective. At the same time, it should be said that, in order to keep progressing it is necessary to analyze and evaluate the skills acquired by an individual. In this respect, I should say that I attempt to adequately assess my progress on the basis of skills that I have already acquired or which I am currently working on and which I want to improve. It is important to underline that among the variety of skills that I have gained it is possible to single out my communication skills, computing, multicultural tolerance and flexibility, and learning skills. In fact, I cannot limit myself with a definite set of skills that I have already gained. Obviously, in the course of my personal and professional development I have gained a lot of different skills, which, though, are not equally well-developed. In other words, there are some skills which I can apply more effectively, while others are apparently underdeveloped and worth working on. But I think that such a situation is natural since it is impossible to develop all skills. This is why I basically focus on skills that can be helpful in my professional life.

On analyzing my current achievements and skills and my future professional perspectives and challenges that I may potentially face, I believe that communication skills are probably the most important in my professional career. First of all, it should be said that my communications skills are well-developed at the moment. At any rate, I do not have any problems in communication with other people. Basically, I can establish normal relationships with different people and, as a rule, I attempt to prevent possible conflicts developing effective strategies of communication. For instance, sometimes I can have a different point of view on some problem than my interlocutor, but it does not necessarily mean that I will totally reject his/her point of view and insist on my position using all possible means. In fact, while discussing some arguable point I carefully analyze the position of my opponent and identify its strong and weak points. Naturally, I need to be sure that my position is right and, on finding weak points in the position of my opponent, I criticize them and draw the arguments that support my point of view to convince my opponent. In the past, sometimes it was difficult for me to avoid conflict but gradually I learned to control myself and critically evaluate my opposition and that of my interlocutor and, now, I am able to avoid conflict when I see that my arguments are weak and not convincing, though the use of different rhetorical styles, influence on emotions of my interlocutor, use of rational arguments are often very helpful.

At the same time, communication skills are also very important for the development of positive relationship with other people in the organization I am working at. Obviously, without communication skills I can hardly build positive interpersonal relationships with my colleagues, administration or employees. Using my communications skills I will have larger opportunities for the successful professional career because effective communication may contribute to my integration into the team which I am supposed to work within. In fact, in the contemporary business environment, practically all organizations tend to the creation of the organizational culture that makes employees feel themselves being members of the team.

In addition, I should say that my communication skills also contributed consistently to my skills of adaptation to work in multicultural environment, which is also very important in the modern globalized world. To put it more precisely, I have a large experience of communication with people having different socio-cultural background and gradually I developed skills which help me easily establish normal relationships with representatives of other cultures due to my tolerance and flexibility. Basically, these skills have developed due to my large experience of communication with representatives of other cultures. I believe that these skills will help me consistently in my future professional career because many organizations work in multicultural environment. It is not only multinational corporations that operate worldwide and their personnel need to be able to adapt to specific cultural environment and work effectively with representatives of different cultures, but it is also ordinary companies or organizations operating on the national or regional level, which work in multicultural environment because of the significant social and demographic changes leading to the formation of multiculturalism (Schein, 1999).

Furthermore, I believe that I need to be able to use effectively new technologies and innovations in my professional work and, in this regard, computing skills may be very helpful. Basically, I was always interested in computing since I wanted to learn to work with new software, use new devices, which facilitate consistently our daily and may increase the effectiveness of our professional performance. This is why I attempted to keep pace with the technological progress and the introduction of a new sophisticated device or the appearance of new software always made me interested in how it functions and how I can use it. As a result, I have acquire a huge experience in computing that nowadays facilitates my life and it opens new opportunities for my professional career because I feel free and comfortable to use new devices or software in my work.

However, I believe that I could hardly develop such skills if I failed to develop my learning skills. I am convinced that learning skills are the most important skills for my future professional career. In fact, an individual, unable to learn new information and acquire new knowledge is doomed to failure in the contemporary world because, nowadays, information and knowledge plays the determinant role in the successful professional career (Viardot, 2001). Human resources are the main capital of any organization and the ability of a professional to learn and, what is more, to produce new knowledge guarantees the progress and development of the entire organization. My learning skills help me find essential information and evaluate it, find solutions of various problems and, what is more, in difficult situations, I attempt to find original and effective solutions. For instance, I do not need someone who can give me some information I need but, instead, I can find it on my own and critically evaluate it and adept to my need and I can apply it in my future work.

Nevertheless, in spite of certain achievements I have already made in the development of various skills, I need to keep them developing because, otherwise, I will gradually lose them. In fact, any skills need training and practice.

This is why I attempt to continue my professional development, I learn new techniques of communication, I carefully study recent technological developments in the field of IT that I could use in my work, and I continue improve my learning skills researching different methodologies which make the learning process easier and more effective.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that I should have never stopped the development of various skills, including those discussed above, because they are fundamental for my professional career. Basically, communication, computing, learning and other skills facilitate my integration into the organizational culture, increase my effectiveness and contribute to the improvement of the performance of the entire organization I would work at.

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