I want to be an early childhood educator

In the current essay I will review the type of early childhood educator I would like to be. I can say that I would like to be a center based care type of early childhood educator. I think that my role in the classroom as the preschool teacher is extremely important. I can say that the Head Start Program is considered to be an effective one, as many children who attend the classes in early age can develop appropriate skills for getting further education at school. I would like to use different approaches in the classroom, and I will try to create the most effective and comfortable conditions for the children. Head Start Program is a very effective program that helps children to become more developed, to find many answers to the questions and to obtain the necessary experience and knowledge.
Early childhood education is the level of education before basic education, and it represents an effort devoted to child development from birth to age six are done through the provision of education to help boost growth and development of physical and mental readiness for the child has entered more education, which was held in formal, non formal, and informal way.
Early childhood education is one form of education that focuses on laying the basis for growth and physical development (fine and gross motor coordination), intellect (the intellect, creativity, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence), socio-emotional (attitude and behavior and religious) language and communication, according to the uniqueness and the levels of growth experienced by young children.
There are two goals of early childhood education collected as follows:
The main objective is to establish the quality of Indonesian children, the children grow and develop in accordance with the rate of growth that have optimal readiness in elementary education and wade into life in adulthood.
The purpose of participating is to help prepare children to achieve learning readiness (academic) at school.
I can say that I will choose the types of training that I feel would be most beneficial. This type of training is important because the Head Start Program includes a lot of different components which are used to achieve the major goal of the program to provide high quality early children education. As well, the staff in the Head Start Program acts as partners to parents who take an active part in the educational process of their children. The ability to learn to express children’s opinion and develop their communication skills is extremely important nowadays. Also, children have many advantages and additional opportunities to choose among the following activities and subjects: reading, arts, math, science, learning foreign languages, dancing, music, singing, playing games, etc.
All in all, early childhood education plays an important role in the development of children and all the early children education programs have the major goal – to develop the skills which include cognitive development, school readiness, social and emotional development. As well, parents are also involved in the process of education and try to depict the best type of the early childhood education program. The program will help to provide early childhood education which helps to lay the foundation of getting new knowledge at school, along with the physical, social and emotional development. Moreover, the early childhood education program helps parents to become better teachers for their children.

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