IBM Consultant essay


In this regard, the strategy of telecommuting is more effective, although this strategy also involves downsizing. However, telecommuting offers the company with an opportunity to conduct a mild downsizing, when job cuts are not so extensive (Wilkins, 1999). Nevertheless, the telecommuting apparently needs a back up strategy, which can enhance the positive effect of telecommuting. In this respect, it is possible to recommend IBM to move online and to develop its online business.


In fact, moving online can help the company to improve its position and telecommuting is a good solution to current problems of the company. To put it more precisely, this strategy will enhance consistently the effectiveness of the telecommuting strategy. The company will be able to develop telecommuting using internet and modern telecommunication systems. In such a way, online services of IBM will facilitate the communication within the company as well as between the company and customers. Hence, the company can count on the overall improvement of its marketing performance.

In addition, IBM will not need to conduct downsizing any further because the company will save on the maintenance of its facilities. In fact, the company will not need as much facilities as it has at the moment. Instead, employees may focus on distant work. Therefore, employees can preserve their jobs but, instead of a workplace in an office cubicle, they may work at home using their PCs. In such a way, the company can save costs on the maintenance of its facilities and avoid job cuts to save costs.

At the same time, IBM should focus on key projects that may bring high return on investments and have low risks. As the company moves online, IBM can create project teams respectively to the initiative of employees. What is meant here is the fact that employees may generate ideas, while managers of the company will analyze them and define prospects of their implementation in terms of marketing development of new products and services. IBM should create project teams. Project team members may work online and interact with each other via internet. Therefore, managers can define the most prospective projects and encourage employees, who developed these projects, to create project teams and to work on their projects from the development to the completion stage, when a new product or service is introduced in the market. Project team members can work together online that means that they do not need to stay in office and work together. In fact, they may be located in different parts of the world but still work on the project effectively. Therefore, moving online and project teams can improve consistently the performance of IBM because the company can select the best projects and employ the best employees from all over the world to complete specific projects successfully (Volti, 2005). In such a way, the company will create effective project teams that can enhance the position of the company. The most important advantage of moving online and project teams is the wider introduction of innovations by IBM that will enhance the position of the company consistently.


Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that IBM should refuse from the strategy of downsizing. Instead, the company should carry on the strategy of the development of telecommuting. In addition, IBM should move online and develop projects teams which can work on new successful projects and introduce innovations that can put the company in an advantageous position in the market.


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