Illegal immigration essay

Illegal immigration essay

Illegal immigration implies violating the legislation of certain country by means of crossing over the border of the given country. As a rule, illegal immigrants come from poor and underdeveloped countries. Illegal immigrants tend to go to developed countries in search of a better life. There are a number of reasons for such a situation, but the most popular motive is the fact that developed countries have better life conditions. There are several pros and cons of illegal trespassing into other countries.

As for the positive sides of illegal immigration, it should be mentioned that such immigration may benefit a person in a number of ways. First, illegal immigration facilitates the economic development of the country because the demand for cheap labor is always fulfilled owing the ever-increasing flow of illegal immigrants. At the same time, illegal immigrants are given an opportunity to work, although the working conditions might be not very good. Nevertheless, poor immigrants will have a chance to improve their life conditions by means of immigrating to a more prosperous country. Second, illegal immigration helps to realize one’s dreams and achieve the set goals. Third, various industries provide more opportunities to illegal immigrants accommodating them and giving a chance to increase their income. Fourth, illegal immigrants contribute to the tax system of the given country. This is because immigrants also have to regularly pay taxes.

Furthermore, those immigrants who are owners of some property also have to pay taxes in order to bring benefit to the given country. What is more, illegal immigrants often use banking services of the country they have moved to. In such a way, the immigrants are obliged to pay interests and dividends for the benefit of the banking system. Finally, illegal immigrants contribute to the country’s budget by means of using various types of insurance loans. This facilitates flourishing of the country’s economy meaning that illegal immigrants greatly contribute to the well-being of the given state.

The above facts stand for the positive sides of illegal immigration. But if to look on the reverse side of the medal, it becomes clear that there are also a number of negative aspects of illegal immigration as will be discussed further. In fact, illegal immigration might lead to a number of problems. One of its disadvantages is the criminal activity of illegal immigrants who are more likely to leave the given country rather than be responsible for what they have done. Furthermore, illegal immigration leads to overcrowding in public spaces, such as parks or some other places regularly visited by a great number of people. Illegal immigration often leads to conflicts between the native population and the immigrants who are likely to be the reason for misunderstanding, which is associated with not only personal conflicts, but also abuse of local inhabitants.

Furthermore, illegal immigration is directly related to various ethnic problems as it may lead to the dominance of certain culture over others. It also increases the probability of cases concerning human trafficking. It is widely known that illegal immigration is the major cause of human trafficking leading to various related problems, which the government of the country has to deal with. Finally, illegal immigration facilitates the growth of the country’s population, which might be a burden for the given country. Besides, illegal immigrants tend to break the law of the country where they live, violating civil and human rights of local inhabitants. All this may influence the decision of people who want to live in another state illegally as there are not only positive sides of illegal immigration, but also negative ones. Thus, people should think twice before they choose to leave their native country for some other in search of a better life.

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