Immigrants essay

Historically, the United States of America is an attractive country for immigrants. The US has its own long history and it has often been called “a nation of immigrants”. I can explain this term in the next way: the US was built by immigrants and in such a way this country will continue to attract and also need immigrants. It will be interesting to look insight the problem and understand why people decide to come to the US. Statistical data show us that even today many people want to live in America and due to this wish America continues to take a lot of immigrants year by year.

The main reason for people come to the US is concluded in people’s longing to begin new life in the new country.

Immigrants want to live in prosperous and free country, because it is not only the words but it is an American reality.

There are many attractive opportunities such as economic, political and religious freedom can be find by immigrants in the US. It will not be honestly from our side to pay our attention only on these factors and say that only perspectives attract immigrants. Many of them run away from their traditions and special circumstances forced them to do it. All of us remember that every person wants to be happy and the United States of America looks like the country of great happiness for immigrants.  There two types of immigrants: legal and illegal, but illegal status doesn’t stop people who want to leave native country and try to find themselves in America.

Thus, taking into account all above stated we can conclude that this paper draws our attention to the immigrants’ problems and their experience. It is possible to rephrase J. Kennedy’s words and say that a society of immigrants is the society of people who begin new life in spite all life circumstances.

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