Impact of company’s social responsibility my consumer behavior

According Mohr and Webb (2001), the company’s social responsibility plays an important role in consumer purchase decisions. This article indicates that consumer’s behavior is based not only on the consumer’s immediate self-interest. Although it’s a quite controversial issue and a proper research on the relation of company’s social responsibility, higher profitability for companies and consumer’s behavior is needed.
In opinion of the authors of an article, there is a substantial market segment that considers a company’s level of social responsibility in its purchase and investment decisions, therefore companies have an opportunity to appeal to this group of consumers through their social responsibility programs. It is also believed that it is important for socially responsible companies to work to gain the consumer trust and to participate in social responsibility programs that are important for their customers. (Mohr and Webb, 2001)
Companies should engage in credible socially responsibility programs that consumers believe are motivated by the company’s desire to help. It’s really important to educate consumers if the information on the social responsibility records of companies is available and the internet can help to spread this important information worldwide.
There is also a good opportunity to educate consumers via special consumer education programs. These programs may help to establish a good understanding among the general public of importance of the social responsibility policies and its advantages for the local communities and society in general.
This trend of the importance of the social responsibility policies and programs for the consumer not only will affect the consumer, but will also affect the marketing strategies, the company’s attitudes toward responsible behavior and that is really good for everyone. Also, there is an issue of regulation of the social responsibility field, and it may become necessary soon. It may be formed like a set of self-regulating industry principles that will help any company to regulate and manage its policies in a right way.
In our globalized society, where information is a king, I as a consumer will definitely take into account the image of the company that I’m going to buy the product from and also its experience in the social responsibility field.
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