Implications for practice motivation essay

Obviously, the research conducted by Offermann and Spiros is very important in regard to the practical implementation of the existing team development theories. In this respect, it should be said that the researchers suggests recommendations concerning the improvement of current team development practices, which can be very helpful to modern organizations. Taking into consideration the growing popularity of team work, these recommendations can help modern organizations not only successfully implement team development practices, but, what is even more important, the findings and recommendations of the researchers can help to develop a long term strategy which allows combining the empirical and theoretical knowledge in the field of team development practices.

To put it more precisely, the understanding of the necessity to back up empirical data with theoretical developments can contribute to the creation of team development practices which are based on the fusion of theoretical knowledge and practical experience of modern organizations as well as the successful implementation of theoretical knowledge in practice.

Basically, the suggestions made by the researchers are quite realistic and can be applied in the real life. Though, it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that the further researchers may be needed to find the most effective ways to the application of theoretical information on team work development in practice.

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