Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence

My grandfather has had probably the most significant influence on me and my personal development. I believe that my grandfather gave me a sample of honorable behavior and I believe that his entire life shows me how people should live.

In fact, my grandfather always told me that humans should remain humans whatever happens in their life and they should never reject their principles and beliefs for short-time benefits since in a long-run perspective we will regret of our actions which contradict to our moral beliefs and principles. In this respect, I recall how my grandfather was offered to sell his home in a countryside, where he spent every summer. As far as I know, he was offered a considerable sum which apparently exceeded the market price of the house because a buyer wanted to own the house and land placed in the picturesque site and he did not care about the money. It was a reasonable offer and if I were in my grandfathers shoes I would definitely accept the offer. However, he rejected because he told me that he would never sell his home, where he spent his childhood and the happiest part of his life. Whatever the price for this house was, for him, the house was priceless because it was a part of his life.

In such a way, I learned that money is nothing compared to human life, human memory and moral values.

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