Industry Research

State your desired position upon completion of your degree. Consider stating as well your desired geographical region(s) if location is important to you and in order to narrow your research. Then, locate four companies and determine the following information for each.

On graduating, I would like to work as animator. I do enjoy this work and have plenty of creative ideas. This is why I would like to choose the company, where I could realize my full potential. I would prefer to work in LA, where I would definitely have better opportunities for employment and successful creative work. In this regard, I would focus on four major companies, including Disney, Pixar, Dreamwork and Nickelodeon. In such a way, I would have larger opportunities for employment and individual work. At the same time, I prefer Disney.
Who is the contact person, and what is his/her title?

I contacted a human resource manager, George Wilson. George Wilson held the position of human resource manager.
Are entry level jobs now available?

The entry level of jobs is still available. However, the number of applicants willing to work in Disney is high. Therefore, the competition between applicants is high and the qualification and potential of applicants is the key to their employment in the company. In this regard, I have proved to be successful in my employment efforts.

Does the company sponsor internships? If so, are they available to new graduates or must you be a current student? Are the internships paid or unpaid? Can academic credit be earned through completion of the internship?

The company sponsors internships and focuses on the training and preparation of students to work in the company. Nevertheless, new graduates are still capable to participate in internship in the company. They should not pay for their internships, although they cannot gain academic credit through completion of the internship.

What is the company’s preferred method of application?
The company offers the conventional method of application. At the same time, they want a resume and cover letter. In such a way, the company attempts to collect detailed information on applicants and select the best ones. In addition, they want to see work samples in the presentation format. Applicants should provide their work samples to allow the company to get acquainted with their creative work. Furthermore, the company prefers online applications but other formats of applications are also possible. In such a way, applicants can choose any method of application they like but online application is the easiest one. Finally, adhering is important but not determinant for the successful application. On the other hand, a failure to adhere may cause them to discard the application.

What is the company’s “corporate climate”? In other words, what is it like to work there? Is it stressful and fast-paced, or is it laid back? Is the workplace formal or casual?
The “corporate climate” is positive in Disney. At any rate, while working in the company, employees feel at ease because the relationships within the company are friendly and democratic. The company encourages employees’ creativity and provides them with a large degree of autonomy. In such a way, employees can create their works and the company will support the most successful ones. At the same time, the company attempts to create friendly ambiance and positive organizational culture.

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