Interface Essay

The development of modern technologies allows improving substantially products that surround people in their daily life. In this respect, it should be said that often things that people use can have new functions, which they have never thought of. For instance, a couch is almost an essential element of furniture which people use daily, but the full potential of this objet has never been used and it can be definitely improved consistently due to the development of an effective and helpful interface. The latter can change not only the function of a couch, but also the attitude of people to this piece of furniture. Instead of an ordinary piece of furniture it can become a multifunctional device people can use to manage the equipment in their house and even communicate with other people. In such a way, the development of an effective interface and technical improvement of a couch can change it dramatically and make it a multifunctional, modern device.

First of all, it should be said that couches are traditionally used by people when they are watching television, sitting in their living-room and communicating with their friends. This is why it is obviously possible to focus on the improvement of the actual potential of couches as a device which helps people to relax and facilitate the application of equipment that is often used while they are sitting on the couch. What is meant here is the fact that couches can be really useful, if they have an effective interface.

At the same time, to make use of the interface, it is impossible to make certain improvements of couches which can make the application of interface even more comfortable or even useful for an individual’s health. For instance, it is possible to massage an individual while he or she is sitting on the couch. For this purpose, it will be necessary to install massaging device into the couch, but it is important to make it comfortable for people, since the introduction of any changes in the couch’s construction can provoke certain inconveniences. Hence, the installment of messaging device should take into consideration its effect on the comfort of an individual. Basically, this device can help an individual to relax while sitting or lying on the couch. The relaxation is very important, especially if an individual spends a lot of time while sitting on a couch. In fact, the use of such a device can help an individual to relax and, what is more, it can be helpful to an individual’s health. At any rate, a positive effect of massage on human health is well-known.

However, the installment of messaging device should prepare an individual to the use of the full potential of a couch and its brand new interface. In this respect, it should be said that often couches are used while people are watching television. Therefore, the introduction of a new interface should facilitate this process. For instance, the interface can be used to change or turn on channels. In fact, the couch’s interface can substitute the conventional remote control and even enlarge its application. In actuality, it is possible to use a couch’s interface to program the work of television as well as other equipment that is installed in the house. To put it more precisely, the interface can help a user to program a TV-set to select specific channels or programs the user is willing to watch at a definite time. In addition, it can be used to record some shows or films on a DVD recorder, while the user is watching a different channel. Furthermore, an alarm can be used to warn the user of some programs or channels that he or she may be willing to watch at the moment.

In such a way, the couch’s interface can be very informative and provide users with a large amount of useful functions. At the same time, the couch’s interface can be used not only for controlling programs an individual is watching or managing TV-set, but it can be also used as a means of communication. For instance, the interface can allow a user to dial-up a phone, which may be located in a different room, while built-in microphones and head-sets can allow an individual to communicate without even going to pick up a phone in case of a call. In addition, if an individual needs to have a private call, the couch can help him or her to find the phone due to the installation of the interface that would show who is calling. Thus, an individual will be able to decide either to answer call in the living room or to have a private conversation or not to answer at all.

Furthermore, the couch interface can help to use other devices, such an i-pod, game consoles, and others. In such a way, through the interface an individual will get an access to a variety of devices and control over them. At the same time, it is very important to make the interface informative and user friendly to meet needs of different people. For instance, the interface can have a built-in organizer which will inform the user about important meeting he or she should have, significant events, etc. Moreover, the couch can be equipped with medical devices, which can measure blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, etc. This function is particularly important for elder people.

The information about the health of the user can be processed and the user can see the basic recommendations on the interface. In such a way, the interface can be very helpful for people suffering from some health problems.

In fact, the interface couch can be applied by any individual. The target audience of the couch interface is large and it does not really depend on the age of an individual, though, it is possible to make couch interfaces with specifications aiming at a particular target user. For instance, the couch interface created for children and young people should be more focused on gaming and entertainment functions as well as educational ones, while the couch interface created for the elderly population should be focused on the health of users.

Thus, it is obvious that the couch interface has a huge potential. However, the implementation of a new interface should primarily take into consideration needs of users. At the same time, it is important to remember about the health of users. What is meant here is the fact that the introduction of multiple functions, which are available due to the interface, should not make people dependent on couches. Instead, it should help people to pay more attention to their health.

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