Basically, people use mirrors daily and mirrors fulfill routine tasks. As they mirror people, the latter can use them to put on makeup, fix hair, look in their eyes, complexion that sometimes can be very helpful in regard to possibility of mirrors’ application for health care purposes. To put it more precisely, a conventional mirror needs to get improved to perform multiple tasks, including health care tasks.

In this respect, it is necessary to use the high definition LCD with a high definition camera, which allow input and output of information with the help of the mirror since the camera will be used as a means of input of information, while LCD interface will serve as a means of output of information. At the same time, such a smart “mirror” equipped with hi-def LCD interface and hi-def camera should be connected to a PC of the owner, with the help of which all the information can be processed. For instance, an individual looks at the mirror in the morning, the camera shoots the face of the individual, focusing on such details as complexion, eyes, etc. All this information is transmitted to the PC, where it is processed with the help of special software. After that the special application provides conclusions and recommendations concerning the health of an individual. For instance, if an individual is too pale, he/she may have some health problems. Potentially, this information can be sent to the individual’s doctor if the Internet connection is maintained.

In addition, using such means of communication as Internet, it is possible to send video messages to friends or relatives which can be shot with the help of the camera installed in the mirror.

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