Internet shopping essay

The current research focuses on the study of the problem of the development of internet shopping and its impact on the customer choices. The study involved the use of qualitative methods, including interviews, questionnaire and observation. In fact, each method was applied to the same group of subjects. Therefore, each method aimed at the revelation of the attitude of subjects to the development of internet shopping and its impact on their choices as customers. The study was supposed to cover the internet shopping and its possible influences on the customer behavior to find out how average customers are vulnerable to the impact of internet shopping and how their behavior changes under the impact of internet shopping.

At first, interviews were conducted to conduct the study of the problem identified above. Interviews were conducted face to face and obtained results were recorded by the researchers. After that, subjects responded to the questionnaire, while their responses were collected and processed by the researcher. In such a way, all responses were recorded by the researcher and analyzed further. Finally, observation was conducted, when subjects of the study were observed in the course of their internet shopping and their behavior and changes that occur to their behavior online, compared to their behavior in the course of conventional shopping.

The findings were supposed to reveal the growing popularity of internet shopping and its growing impact on the customer behavior and choices. In fact, online commerce is progressing. Therefore, customers can hardly avoid the impact of internet shopping. Specificities of internet shopping can hardly avoid influencing the customer behavior for internet shopping is different from conventional shopping that may determine the difference in the customer behavior and choices made by customers.


First of all, it is important to dwell upon the problem faced in the course of the study to reveal possible challenges a researcher may face while using interviews, questionnaires and observation in the course of the study. At this point, interviews raised the problem of the interpretation of responses of subjects and avoidance of subjectivity, which affects responses of each subject. What is meant here is the fact that each subject of the study gave subjective responses to questions posed in the course of the study. In this regard, overcoming subjectivity of interviews was quite challenging because different respondents had different views on one and the same question. This is why it was necessary to distinguish common trends in responses of subjects, which help to reveal issues that do objectively affect the behavior of subjects in regard to internet shopping. In such a way, the revelation of the common trends in responses of subjects of the study was important to reveal the essence of the customer attitude to internet shopping and its impact on their behavior and choices.

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