Interview at the restaurant

To answer the listed questions I would like to say that without any doubts interview at the restaurant considers some challenges for me. First of all, meeting at the restaurant aimed at several goals, among them are: to look at my manners, to look how can I support the conversation and am I interesting conversationalist and to know me better, especially my habits and preferences.
In my opinion, during such meetings I should be myself, nothing more and nothing less. It does not mean that I should behave myself as during the meeting with my old friend. On the contrary, I should behave myself like on the business meeting: show my manners and tact, as well as my communicability and outlook. In other words, my goal is to make an impression of gentle and interesting person, who would like to become a member of the team.
Answering the question about acceptable price on the meal I would like to say that I prefer the following principle: simple, but tasteful. On the one hand, too expensive order will make wrong impression that I am too pretentious, and want all at once. On the other hand, modest order will say that I suffer from complexes, which is unacceptable for animation major-storyboard artist. I think that price category slightly above average will be just right, but the meal should not be simple, it should emphasize that I am an interesting, original and creative person. Moreover, I should avoid food items, with which I do not know how to use. For example, I should not order lobster, if I do not know how to use special appliances for this meal. Otherwise, I will look funny, and will not be able to demonstrate self-confidence, which is extremely important. Also, if waitperson will ask me about cocktail or wine before the meal I will refuse, because it is business meeting my interview, but not romantic date. I am convinced that by this I will show myself as a serious person.


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