interview essay

On attending elementary, middle and high school I interviewed the principal, assistant principal, and head of special education. The interview concerned the programs implemented in the school concerning children with visual impairment. In the result of the interview, I have learned basic recommendations concerning the education of children with visual impairment which are implemented in the school and may be applied in other school. In fact, the problem of visual impairment is extremely important because as a rule it adversely affects a child’s educational performance. Naturally, students with visual disability have special needs that have to be taken into consideration in order to provide such students with equal opportunities to receive a good education compared to other students who do not have such problems. In this respect, the use of effective teaching methods is extremely important to positive results in education.

Basically, on choosing the methods of teaching students with visual disabilities, it is necessary to take into consideration the needs of students and their behavior and respectively choose the most appropriate method. In this respect, it is possible to point out that often students with visual disabilities need higher stimulation than other students. A teacher should each student adequately according to individual need of each student. Also it is necessary to make students feel safe and learn and be stimulated while the whole class should concentrate and fulfill their own need to know. To achieve these basic goals, it is possible to recommend increasing the level of comfort and safety for the student who is acting out and providing increased opportunities to learn, to work alone, to be a part of the class and get the support to exchange visual learning materials for alternate learning formats. As for the class, it should increase tolerance by teacher helping students understand actions in the positive frame ”“ ways they self soothe, and ways they can assist in their fellow student learning. In such a situation, the task of a teacher is to observe processes and look for ways to enhance student stimulation, enhance their learning opportunities and utilize students, aides, retired teachers, community resources to help students move forward with the lesson.

Another problem students with visual disabilities may face in the learning process is getting agitated that naturally decreases the efficiency of learning. Basically, the main goals for students are to be soothed, to know that the bell is going to ring and be ready for the next set of activities. Obviously, this needs that the teacher and the class made the transition easily. To achieve these goals, it is possible to recommend to applying the following method: to set up a system that communicates by gesture computer or Braille, the sequence of events and the schedule so that students can feel adequately involved and adjust to changes.

The school provides ample opportunities for students to get involved in various activities which help them to get integrated into the normal life. For instance, in the high school students are involved in the communication with students from other, non-specialized schools.

Moreover, the school even organizes a kind of Internet conferences dedicated to various problems students are researching and presenting at the conferences. In this respect, it is important to underline that significance of the implementation of special software and hardware needed for the normal work on computers of students with visual impairment. At the same time, modern technologies allow students using the modern advancements in the field of information technologies and telecommunications regardless of their visual impairment problems.

Furthermore, the school focuses on the development of aesthetical education of students. This means that students with visual impairment and involved in special classes where they get an opportunity to get acquainted with art, especially music, to broaden their views on art and get aesthetical education. At the sometime, art is widely implemented in regular classes, though it should be said that the main emphasis is laid on such arts as music, literature and educators mainly audio materials to make their students acquainted with art. In such a way, students with visual impairment have large opportunities to get a broad education in different fields and get integrated into a normal social life.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that it is possible to apply different methods of teaching but it is necessary to remember about special needs of students with visual disabilities. This is why it is necessary to use the methods which are the most appropriate to a concrete situation in the class. At the same time, there are some basic principles that should be followed in the classroom of visually disabled, such as attention to their needs, individual approach to each student, integrating them into a normal social life and preparation students for the further socialization that is necessary to start since the early stages of their development. It is extremely important that the major goal of education of children with visual impairment is their integration and adaptation to a normal social life.

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