To begin with it should be noted that during the interview, as a rule every candidate faces so-called inconvenient question (as well as sensitive or illegal questions). Of course, many people differently react to such questions and often it may cost them their future jobs. I presume that there is no any universal “receipt”¯ how to answer such questions, but in the current essay I would like to give my own attitude to them as an animation-storyboard artist.
First of all, it should be mentioned that for animation-storyboard artist good communication and presentation skills are essential. I am convinced that a person with such profession should answer such questions, but answer carefully. I would like to consider the situation when the interviewer asks whether or not I have children, and what makes the question sensitive for me? How might the employer discriminate against you? I think that thereby the interviewer seeks the opportunity to understand my attitude to future work. If I have children they will get sick, they will have problems in school, etc. and I will have to constantly ask for day-off. In other words, I can not fully devote myself to work. I believe that in this case it is necessary to assure the interviewer that I value the work and I am aware that the permanent days-off are unacceptable. For me such questions are not sensitive, because I understand that employer wants to be aware of my attitude to future work.
For me discrimination would be if an interviewer gives a hint that in his company exist such concept as “glass ceiling”¯, which means that a woman can not achieve the top management level only because she is a woman but not a man. In this case, I will necessarily declare that I would not work for a company, where is gender discrimination, and moreover, I will report this to the appropriate authorities. All in all, I would like to say that you should not be afraid of inconvenient questions, however, you should answer them carefully and fight for your rights when they are violated.

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