Introduction to Healthcare Management Research Paper

The development of management theories was accompanied by the emergence of absolutely different views on the process and principles of management. Often, management theories were antagonistic to each other, but neither theory was and still is a perfect and universally accepted theory. Instead, the modern management relies on different theories, which elements are applied by managers in their work. At the same time, the knowledge of management theories may be crucial to understanding of the essence of management and development original and effective approaches to management. In this respect, Frederick Taylor’s theory of Scientific Management is a classical theory which actually laid the foundation to the development of management theory in the early 20th century. However, gradually, drawbacks of this theory proved to be too significant to apply the Scientific Management Theory in a rapidly changing business environment. As a result, new theories emerged, among which Abraham Maslow’s Needs Theory proved to be particularly attracting to managers and this theory had and still has a great success among managers since it relies on employees’ needs above all. The latter distinguishes Maslow’s Needs Theory from Taylor’s Scientific Management which viewed employees as tools, which can be “perfected” and conditioned by means of training to maximize their productivity and, therefore, effectiveness of their work.

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