iPod sample essay

Nowadays iPod like every new technology has its advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, it shows us dual nature of technological invention. I would like to express my opinion in area that the iPod really does not represent progress. Why is it so? There are several variants of answers on this question that will be discussed in the body of this paper.

First of all humankind become slaves of new technologies and iPod is among them. We are listen to music everyday and iPod is our helper in this area, but listening to music walking down the street we loose our attention and headphones take all our mind and thoughts. I think that using such new technology as iPod people could loose friends, because they have their “electronic friend”. The second reason against iPod is medical problem; it is well-known fact that people who are listening to loud music in their headphones have hearing problems. The third reason is impossibility to save information that was stored in the iPod’s memory, because in the past people used CD discs, but now we believe in iPod’s memory and if something happen with information it will be hard to renew it. And the last reason are social contacts, because several years ago people were looking real social contacts and today situation greatly changed, because people have their “adult toys” like iPod and they need no necessity to communicate with other people.

Thus, iPod is a good device but people should use it accurately and do not try to change real communication on their new device. People are our future and new technologies should only help to make our future better, but do not become it.

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