Jainism essay paper

I’d like to talk in this paper about Jainism. Jainism is one of the most popular religious in India. Jainism, as well as identical with it on an orientation Buddhism, argued against the extremes of ritualism and abstract dogmatism of Brahman’s world view and in the center of the doctrine put the problem of life of personality. By the feature of Jainism, unlike Buddhism, there is a less internal wholeness, closer tie-up with rejected Brahmanism, stipulating being in it of both lines of dogmatism and actually “ritualism”. We know that the main intense form in Jainism is asceticism. Asceticism describes a life-style characterized by abstinence from different sorts of worldly pleasures with the higher aim. Under the higher aim we can understand the aim of pursuing religious and spiritual goals that develop the soul and help to be spiritually strong.

Jainism considers asceticism as the basic way to “liberation”. Ascetic principles of Jainism foresee the active extermination of corporal element (the concrete rules of Jain asceticism are plugged in it, besides the waiver of clothes, strict post-modernism and other, various torments and tortures). Underlining of primary and, in particular, moral value of asceticism and the strictest observance of ascetic way of life, foreseeing careful development of rules of this conduct, Jainism distinguishes.

Based on all the above said, we could come to the conclusion that there are special requirements for living a good life for lay members of the Jain tradition. These requirements seems strict to ordinary people and they are the part of Jainism. The main Jain practices and daily rituals depend greatly on how seriously person participates in the religion.

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