Japanese geisha.

How to become the geisha? Geishas should be able to keep up the conversation on any theme offered by men, to play musical instruments, to sing, dance, politely to reject sexual offers. If you want to receive completely the fair and frank answer, you have a chance of becoming the geisha but if you don’t live in Japan and have no experience in various arts which the geisha should own ”“ that for this purpose is necessary a lot of time. Art of the geisha – is many-sided, it demands display of numerous talents, and first of all, talent of the storyteller.
Don’t think that the geisha to become easy. Weariness the geisha has no borders, she has no right to show irritability, anger or indifference, she is obliged to be affable, smiling, and to show, what exactly this client is pleasant to her most, and she so much time waited for him.
Originally occurrence of geishas was men. So! There are some versions. The version the first: people of theater of Kabuki were geishas. The version the second: geishas named actors of district Yosivary in Edo entertained the samurais. But for samurais was intrested dialogue with women. And only over time, the geisha ”“ women pushed the “arena”¯ geisha ”“ men.
Life and work of the geisha basically passes in tea houses and traditional Japanese restaurants. The appears geisha hostess parties, entertaining guests ”“ men. The geisha should direct conversation and promote cheerful pastime of the guests. They can flirt, but keeping their dignity. Life and a life of little girls, the future geishas, from early age passed in houses of geishas ”” where they often sold to poor families. All childhood they have been compelled to work at first as servants, then and assistants of the main geishas in the house which trained these girls in elements of the future trade and further helped to get education. As they studied in an especial make-up.
For this purpose art, first, is required – geishas in perfection own difficult skills
make-up, secondly, you need real cosmetics. The geisha must know how to properly a make- up correctly. Geisha make-up should be ample, and covers the entire face, hiding the flaws and making the geisha as porcelain.Another skill of the geisha has been previously hairstyle, which is now usually replaced wigs.The geisha must be able to dance. She must know some difficult dances, which are designed spesifically for geisha. Motion of the geisha dancing should be smooth and draw attention of clients.Also in the geisha girls are trained for the holiday ( Hina Matsuri). March in Japan ”“ absolutely female month, because, aside from the usual March 8 there say “Mono ”“ no sekku”¯ ( Feast of the Flowering Peach), or Feast of girls, better know as “Hina Matsuri”¯ (Dolls Festival). Flowers peach (momo), which gave the name of the holiday in Japan also symbolize the female tenderness, kindness, gentleness and consequently, a happy marriage. There is also a book written by a male geisha. Well ”“ known novels are “ Memoris of the Geisha”¯ and “Confessions of the Geisha”¯, which tells the firts person on the hard life of the professiaonal in this field. There is also the film “Memoirs of the Geisha”¯, filmed the novel The film won several awards and are intrested in a broad audience. Life of the Geisha,as described in this film, has created a new line of clothing, as well as a new style of make ”“ up. Japanese motifs were again manifest in fashion trends, not only in dress but also in design and lifestyle. The imagen of the geisha is often inscribed in the painting. Paintings of the geisha wrote not only of Japanese artists, but also other nationalities. There is a picture of the geisha, made crystal company Swarovsky. The geisha always portrayed as attractive beauties full of inaccessibility and mystery ”“ like the imagen was formed over the years and did not depart from reality.
The geisha in Japan has today. Modern the geisha differ from antiquity, but the basic quality of them survived. Modern the geisha in exactly the same cuse to support the communication. They come for the entertainment of the Japanese restaurants and bars, and take them into their tea houses. Like wise modern the geisha have all the necessary skills and are trained in a special shool, however, the lerning process is now less prolonged and less severe.Begin to learn the geisha is now possible with age of 16. Modern the geisha make ”“up repeats, the former earlier, but uses for this modern cosmetics. In Japan, released a special kit of cosmetis fro geisha.They included powder and cream, makes skin white, resistant lipstick and eyeliner, whicj can not be erased during the day. Instead of a modern geisha hairstyles usually uses a wig. The geisha today also needs to know several languages, to be able to support the subject and provide a pleasant communication in the company. Retained the ability to conduct the geisha tea ceremony. In fact, over the years, the geisha profession has not changed ”“ have some relief, but the essence remains the same.


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