Japan’s Geisha

A lot of people think that every geisha is only a courtesan but other people consider her to be a high educated woman. Who is right or wrong?
Let’s read something about them.

There are about 2000 geishas in Japan now. What should girls do to become a geisha?

It is a very hard work to become a geisha. Before becoming a geisha, young girls must spend a lot of time for reading books, learning how to dance, draw and sing. She has to sleep on a wood board to make her neck fit and perfect. The neck is considered to be the most beautiful part of a body.
Every girl must spend 12 hours for her studies every day. It is a hard work, isn’t it?

When girls are at the age of 16, they have to sign contract with a mistress. If she wants to change her profession, she must pay a lot of money.
What about clothes. They wear a kimono. It is very interesting. The kimono is piece of cloth. And the kimono costs a lot of money.
That’s why it’s very expansive to spend an evening with geishas. Many people can’t do that. Only reach persons can afford to spend time with them.

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