Jimenez Family essay

Traditionally, family was a subject of a particular attention of many writers. It was depicted in different ways by different authors. The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez is the book which focuses on the life of a poor but friendly family which strives for elementary survival but still preserves basic human values, love and care remaining a solid unit of people belonging to one family. This is why the family created by Francisco Jimenez is really admirable since its members manage to remain supportive and compassionate constituting a solid and united family.

First of all, it should be said that the family depicted by the author seems to be really friendly and cooperative. It is really important that the family remains united regardless all the difficulties it has to overcome. Frankly speaking, it would be quite logical that the family that merely manages to make both ends meet fell apart. In other words, on getting acquainted with this family it seems to be impossible that such a large family can survive remaining inseparable, especially if one takes into consideration that many families living in such poverty as Jimenez family does traditionally fall apart since it is often easier to survive when people are not bounded by some moral obligations and responsibility for his/her family.

Nevertheless, all members of Jimenez family are always together. They are forced to move from one city to another and this affects the family dramatically since children, as well as parents, cannot get used to their constantly changing environment and, thus, cannot lead a normal social life and acquire essential experience. The narrator of the story is a schoolboy who does not have an opportunity to attend school regularly and, what is more, he is forced to miss school because of the permanent necessity to change the city where the family settles.

At the same time, it is necessary to point out that another fact that proves the unity of the family and that makes this family so admirable is the fact that all members of the family are working together whatever the job they have to do.

Even the little boys have to work at the cotton and strawberry fields, pick carrots and grapes to make the life of the entire family a little bit better. It is worthy of mention that they ready to sacrifice their own time and probably future to remain together with other members of the family even during the work. For instance, the narrator has to miss half a year working in the field gathering crops, instead of attending school (Jimenez 115). Even in his dreams, the narrator of the story primary thinks of his family and not of himself since he dreams of his personal success as a tool that can improve the life of the entire family. In such a way, the boy apparently hopes to become a kind of a breadwinner for his family.

The relationships between the members of the family are warm and it is hardly possible to help from admiring with such a real love that can exist only between members of a family. For instance, the narrator stays to watch his little brother when the latter falls ill and, in such a way, he demonstrate his supportive nature and love to his younger brother (Jimenez 186).

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that Jimenez family is an admirable family which impresses a reader with its unity and mutual support. All members of the family always stay together whatever difficulties they face in their life and it seems as if it is due to its unity the family manages to survive and live a happy life in a way.

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