Journal Articles on “Hard Times” by Charles Dickens essay

Butterworth, R.D. ”˜Dickens The Novelist: The Present Strike and Hard Times”. The Dickensian, 88:91-102, 1992.

The author of the article discusses the correlation between the real life and the novel by Charles Dickens.

Betterworth provides a profound overview of the novel and analysis its major points. He critically evaluates Dickens’ perception of the reality and underlines that the writer made efforts to make his novel as true to life as possible, especially in the depiction of he position of people who are really in need. The article is quite useful from the point of view of adequate perception of the novel in the context of the real life of the epoch depicted by Charles Dickens.

Fabrizio, R. “Wonderful No-Meaning: Language and the Psychopathology of the Family in Dickens’ Hard Times”.

Dickens Studies Annual, 16:61-94, 1987.

The author of the article focuses his attention on the language of the novel and its expressive power. Fabrizio provides a profound linguistic analysis of the literary work by Charles Dickens and attempts to trace the major trends that are the characteristics of the novel. He underlines that the author has managed to create the language that perfectly conveys the emptiness of some characters internal world as well as the profoundness of the spiritual world of the protagonist of the novel. Fabrizio also pays a lot of attention to the familial relationships and attempts to analyze them on the basis of the communication between the members of the family. It should be pointed out that the author also attempts to understand the relationships within a family in order to better understand the essence of the conflict that gradually sprang up in the novel. At the same time, he indicates at the great skills and genius of Charles Dickens in the psychological portraying of his characters and masterful use of language in his novel.

Gray, P.E. “Twentieth Century Interpretations of Hard Times”.Englewood Cliffs,New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1969.

The book provides a profound analysis of the noel by Charles Dickens from the point of view of a contemporary reader. To put it more precisely, at first the author attempts to give an overview of the book, revealing its basic stylistic details and artistic devices. After that he concentrates his attention on the thematic contents of the book and briefly discusses the major thematic directions Dickens attempted readers to indicate to. At the same time, Gray do not simply enumerates themes raised by the writer but he attempts to interpret them in a new, original way. Unlike his numerous predecessors, Gray analyzes the novel in the modern context and targets at finding the existing correlations between the themes raised by Dickens and present epoch. This is why the analysis of the novel turns to be quite interesting and, at the same time, easy to read and understand as the language and style of the author make the novel closer to the contemporary reader and helps look at “Hard Times” as if the novel has been written just a few years ago.

Hollington, M. “Physiognomy in Hard Times”. Dickens Quarterly, 9:58-66, 1992.

The author of the article analyzes the major and minor characters of the novel and focuses on the images Dickens creates in his novel. Basically, the article provides just the general analysis of the novel, namely its thematic content and problematic of the book but, instead, Hollington concentrates his attention on the imagery system of the novel.

In fact, he analyzes the characters and images of the book in depth attempting to reveal both internal and external worlds of the characters. He also provides an excellent opportunity to reveal the symbolism of the novel. In fact, the author gives an interesting interpretation of various symbols Dickens amply uses in his work and attempt to correlate them to the visual images the writer attempts to creates in order to help readers better understand the close correlation between implicit and explicit representation of the imagery system, main characters and the events in the novel at large.

Leavis, F.R. “Hard Times: An Analytic Note”. In Charles Dickens , Hard Times, edited by G. Ford and S. Monod.New York: Norton, 1990.

This article is actually a kind of the brief introduction to the work created by Charles Dickens. To put it more precisely, Leavis provides a brief analysis of the novel focusing on the major points. Moreover, he also attempts to interpret the key moments of the novel and the main ideas Charles Dickens wants to convey to readers. Leavis also attempts to describe the major characters and interpret their role in the novel. In general, the article provides a reader with the basic and essential information about the novel and, in actuality, this article seems to be quite helpful to be read before reading the book written by Charles Dickens in order to get prepared for the perception of the events of the book and characters which seem to be distanced in time but their relationships and problems turn to be close to the modern epoch.

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