Journey from LPN to RN essay

I would like to describe my journey from LPN to RN. It was not an easy way, but I think that exactly this step in my education gave me different new knowledge and professional skills. It is understandable that each step in nursing requires higher and higher levels not only of education, but also of training, and that is why my journey from LPN to RN is so valuable for me. Every person choose own way in every direction of education and also in practical activity, that is why my choice is nursing and I think that exactly this sphere allow me to open my potential and achieve self-realization, be useful for people and realize all goals that I put before myself preparing for this career.

I think a lot about this question and analyzing all my thoughts I understood that a career in patient care is a right choice for me and starting my career as a licensed practical nurse I received opportunity to work in chosen area and use my theoretical knowledge and practical skills in real life, when I’m responsible for patient’s health and all responsibility for my actions is in my hands. I think that LPN is a beginning of the big way to RN and maybe further education will be available for me. Saying about my personal beliefs and goals it is necessary to emphasize that I like people and for the whole period of my education and also during my work as licensed practical nurse I strongly believe that I could help people in their treatment. It was my big aim to achieve success in this area and be qualified nurse, because nursing care is very necessary part of the treatment process and we should never forget about it in spite all situations.

Registered nurses (RNs) in the general understanding of this term, I mean regardless of specialty or work setting, should treat patients and educate them about various medical conditions. RNs should explain to the public how to behave themselves in different medical situations and how to prevent illnesses; they should be qualified to give patient’s family members psychological support and to give useful advice in any situation. In the range of RNs responsibilities, we see necessity to record medical conditions and any changes in patient’s condition, to record symptoms, to help look through diagnostic tests and analyze its results, to follow physicians’ instructions and recommendations and look after the patient’s rehabilitation process. Such spheres as operating medical machinery and teaching patients how to follow doctor’s recommendation in nutrition, special exercises or diet are also the kind of RNs responsibilities. Illness never asks person is he or she ready to ill and that is why many patients feel psychological stress and members of their family are also in shock when something happen, that is why nurse should be able to diagnose emotional condition of the patient or patient’s family and be kind and calm with them, explaining what they should do and how they can improve situation. For the end of this list, it is necessary to mention that qualified nurse who loves her job will never stop on achieved results and that is why she always should improve her professional level visiting different seminars and meetings.

Thus, I want to say for the conclusion that the range of responsibilities of registered nurse is wider that the range of responsibilities of licensed practical nurse, because it implies better level of theoretical and practical skills, but each stage is necessary and I want to thank my journey from LPN to RN that allowed to feel all these challenges and differences on own experience.

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