Kucera Clothier Wireless Network

Today, the implementation of new technologies can open the way to a better competitive position and open new prospects for the development of a company. In this respect, the decision taken by Kucera Clothier to implement the Wireless Network to connect offices, stores and sales people in the field is particularly noteworthy and prospective.

To put it more precisely, the development of the Wireless Network can help the company to meet its strategic goals and mission and to take a strategic advantage over its competitors through acceleration of the development of the company. The Wireless Network could help the company to improve consistently the communication within the company that can improve the effectiveness of work of the personnel of the company and, thus, it can increase the level of customer satisfaction.

In order to understand the full significance of the implementation of the Wireless Network by Kucera Clothier, it is necessary to dwell upon the impact of effective communication on the organizational performance in the contemporary business environment. As the matter of fact, today, communication plays the crucial role in the effectiveness of the organizational performance because the effective communication means the maintenance of connection between different units of the company and between its employees. Through the effective communication and wireless connection employees and managers can communicate with each other. Such communications allows employees and managers to insure the supply of products and commodities to meet the current demands of customers. In case of Kucera Clothier, such communication is particularly important because the Wireless Network connects offices with stores and sales people. Consequently, the entire organizational structure turns out to be connected by means of the Wireless Network.

Obviously, the Wireless network can have a positive impact on the organizational performance because sales people can communicate with stores and transfer the information concerning the current demand for specific products. The stores, in their turn, can transmit this information further to offices where the decision to increase the production or supply of certain products is taken. At the same time, stores can increase sales of products in response to changes of customers preferences and stores can receive the information about such changes from sales people via the Wireless Network.

At the same time, it is important to understand the strategic significance of the Wireless Network since the offices of Kucera Clothier can process the most recent information using the Wireless Network connection by means of which stores and sales people provide the offices with the most recent information. Therefore, on receiving the information from stores and sales people, the managers of the company working in offices can introduce changes or develop new strategic plan of Kucera Clothier’s development. The faster is the response of the company to changes in customers’ preferences and behavior, the more efficient is the organizational performance, the higher is the level of customer satisfaction and, thus, the larger are the opportunities of the company to take the leading position in the market.

Thus, in conclusion, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that the introduction of the Wireless Network by Kucera Clothier opens new opportunities for the company’s development. Moreover, the Wireless Network will help the company to take an advantageous position in the market and gain a strategic advantage over its competitors.

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