Kucera Clothiers

Kucera Clothiers is the organization that presents quality fashions, excellent client service, and aims to stimulate an effective working atmosphere by the developing of teamwork and productive cooperation amongst employees.

In case of purchasing any of the technologies, like Mobile phones, Wi-Fi, or WiMAX, it is important to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of each technology. So, taking into consideration that Kucera Clothiers information technology plan aims at widening contacts between its offices, distribution centers, creating easier access to corporate documentation and client accounts, certain points concerning Mobile Phone electronic devices, Wi-Fi, WiMAX technologies can be outlined. Mobile phone technology is not effective and sufficient for big company and it has more advanced substitutions, like Wi-Fi and WiMAX. Wi-Fi is a wireless local area network that uses radio waves to connect computers and other devices to the Internet (Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 2005). One of the most important advantages of this technology is that it is totally wire-free. It provides an internet access by getting a signal from central station.

It is convenient to connect offices but it doesn’t cover suitable for the organization access distance. A single access point can be used by up to 30 subscribers and can function within a range of 100 ”“ 150 feet inside and up to 300 feet outside. Many access points can be connected to each other to create a single large network. An access point acts as a base station.

System requirements are purchasing of a base station with many access points to connect Kucera Clothiers offices.

Wi-Fi has drawbacks connected with security, such as easy access, unauthorized use of service, limited transmission capability. Regarding authentication, Wi-Fi network can be provided with username and password for subscribed clients, digital certificate can be used for severe authentication.

But it is mobile, easy installed, easy-to-change, cheap, reliable technology. Wi-Fi is less expensive, comparing to WiMAX technology. But unlike WiMAX technology that covers a great distance, Wi-Fi range of access is limited and in order to connect offices on large distance a great number of base stations should be built.

WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a telecommunications technology that allows wireless sending of data using a diversity of transmission ways. The technology provides up to 10 Mbit/s (WiMAX Speed Test in Portland, 2009) speed. WiMAX is grounded on the IEEE 802.16 standard (as well named Broadband Wireless Access), offering data and telecommunications services.

WiMAX covers many kilometers with both licensed or unlicensed types to perform a connection to the Internet. WiMAX can provide broadband wireless access (BWA) up to 30 miles (50 km) for fixed stations, and 3 – 10 miles (5 – 15 km) for mobile stations (What is WimMAX, 2007). System requirements are: A WiMAX tower, resemble a cell-phone tower. A single WiMAX tower can have coverage of a very large area – as big as 3,000 square miles (8,000 square km); and a WiMAX receiver – The receiver and antenna can be small, or they can be included into a laptop the same as Wi-Fi access is nowadays.

WiMAX is considerably more expensive than Wi-Fi taking both installation and operation. But in the long run this project will save money of the company as by the use $20,000 base station, WiMAX could substitute wired networks in buildings. Instead of buying a number of Wi-Fi stations the company can buy only one WiMAX station thus saving money. And its speed is much higher than Wi-Fi speed. WiMAX will end the enormous costs of wiring buildings for Internet access. So, WiMAX is a low-cost technology best for businesses, especially considering the savings as a result of removing high wiring costs in buildings.

WiMAX offers improved security compared with early Wi-Fi technologies that were grounded on Wire Equivalent Protection (WEP).

Though, it has some security drawbacks, specifically, some susceptibility to attacks. Concerning authentication issues, is that each base station in WiMAX technology must have a x.50, the use of which makes it difficult for attacker to fake the identity of legalized subscribers, providing full protective covering against theft of service. So, WiMAX works at higher speed than Wi-Fi, covers greater distances, base stations can be connected with each other, and it capable for greater number of users. All in all, purchase of WiMAX technology is the best for organization as it suits all the goals of Kucera Clothiers, and it will widen contacts between office, increase employee mobility, productivity, quality of work, improve corporate efficiency, team cooperation, ensure better access to information and client accounts, and reduce cost in the long use, creating better management and administration.

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