Latin American History essay

Lambada History is very interesting, because it is composed of many stories and it is quite difficult to hear one and the same story of Lambada. But doubtless remains the fact that the Lambada is one of the most famous and popular Latin dances, which are known and are dancing around the world.

The word “lambada” refers to the rhythm (a mixture of karimbo and merengue) and dance that combines elements of Forry (forró), samba, merengue and maxixe (Brazilian dance of the nineteenth century), which had huge success inEurope. Lambada became the most popular dance in 1989 and early 1990’s. This fiery dance which was born in Latin America, ruled the entire planet, and inEuropeit sold over two million records with Lambada music. People were amazed with this music that reminded the rustle of palm trees, the lapping of the warm ocean, singing of birds. That’s why in the early 90’s almost every day on American and European television was shown video of Lambada dancing by professional South American dancers. That was true musical performance video, which was kind of a dance school, and opened a whole world of Latin American culture. Europeans and Americans took lambada with enthusiasm, they admired the fiery and the brightness of Hispanics, and soon Lambada was dancing in the whole Europe andAmerica.

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