Learning Experiences essay

Personal experience is very important in our life. Unless we learn everything ourselves, making researches and discoveries, we won’t remember it for the whole life. Studying the topic, plunging into the examining of this or that phenomenon, we understand the material better.

I have studied the organization of the body, particularly its muscular and skeletal systems. The aim of my research was to examine the main bones and muscles attached to them. There are 206 bones and approximately 700 muscles in the human body. All of them play a significant role in our organism and provide our full-fledged life.

Among the major bones and muscles in the human body I can name the following: bones and muscles that belong to the skull organization and among them maxilla and attached to it orbicular muscle of mouth, nose bone and attached nasalis muscle, cheek bone and greater zygomatic muscle; bones and muscles of chest and spinal column, namely clavicle and greater pectoral muscle, scapula and elevator muscle of scapula, ribs and external intercostal muscles, vertebrae and attached to them spinal muscle, sacrum and gluteus; bones and muscles of arms, including humerus and triceps muscle, radius and biceps muscle, finger bone and lumbrical muscle; bones and muscles of pelvis and legs such as hip bone and abdominal external oblique muscle, femur and rectus femoris muscle, tibia and soleus muscle, fibula and peronius longus muscle, toe bone and extensor expansions.

I hope that this experience will help me in my future life as the acquired knowledge can be very useful in emergency situations. When it is necessary to give the first aid, it is indispensable to know the organization of the body, especially of its skeletal and muscular systems.

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