Learning Experiences essay

Having received the task connected with the learning experience, I decided to choose for my research the sphere I’m interested in. It is personal fitness particularly resistance training exercises. My aim was to examine the eccentric, concentric and isometric phases of the movements and to find out when muscles are the strongest.

When we perform exercises to develop biceps muscles, we usually use dumbbells. There are different types of exercises on this group of muscles. For example, when we perform normal curls, we bend arms in elbows, lifting the dumbbells to the shoulders, hold them in such position for several seconds and then lower them down. To get our biceps trained we need to make several reps, for example ten. When we perform such type of exercise our muscles go through several phases: when we lift dumbbells to the shoulders, the muscles shorten and generate enough force to get over the resistance, thus it is the concentric phase of the movement; having lifted dumbbells, we hold them for some time without any movements, muscles generate force not changing their length, it is isometric phase; at last when we lower the dumbbells, muscles lengthen while contracting and it is the eccentric phase of the exercise. It is necessary to note that in the very first phase, i.e. concentric phase, the muscles are the strongest, because they have to overcome great resistance, thus we need much force.

Such kind of experience can help me much while making different kinds of resistance training exercises on different groups of muscles as it is always useful to understand what processes are going on in your body.

Moreover, such knowledge helps to achieve the best results and to perform all exercises correctly. I can share this practical experience with those my friends who are also interested in fitness.

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