Learning Team Charter

Communication and relationship are integral part of our life and all notions connected with them  potently influence on human activity – from family talks to public speeches, from political actions to personal friendship, from keeping it together to success in work, school, or private life. Our work will be about two main types of communication which are thoroughly learned and widespread in all variants of contacts. Communication’s main characteristic will be defined in it and we will compare group communication and individual communication.

Communication in all can be defined as “the transfer of meanings between persons and groups”. Group communication refers to the nature of communication that occurs in groups with different amount of members. For example, small-group communication includes something between 3 and 12 to 20 individuals. As we know the amount of members in group has a direct influence on internal communications. Main communicative functions in group are task decision, group solidarity, realization of group necessities and other. We know that good team work is a first step to success and group communication is of importance in it. Comparing two kinds of communication we can see that individual communication is aimed exactly on realization of individual necessities and it has more personal-oriented character.

There are different strategies which help to promote individual and group communication. These strategies are directed on forming of analysis skills, on group and individual growth in business and life activity. Future work will be organized in addition to these strategies and taking into account the personal originality of participants. It also supposes concrete recommendations in decision of individual or group business tasks.

Thus taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that group communication is such type of communication process in which intercourse takes place between two or more people of social status groups (territorial, professional, religious and other) or organization (enterprises, establishments, firms etc.) for realization of interdependent actions and decision of joint tasks. The aggregate of communication co-operations can be instrumental in dynamism of structure, solidarity of group, its work or, opposite, to result in an origin and growth of conflict tension between the members of this group, push slightly to the intragroup conflict.

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