Liberal and Conservative Argumentation Term Paper

Today, the society is more and more concerned with environmental problems and green ideology steadily becomes the mainstream ideology of the modern society (McCormick, 234). At the same time, the green ideology is accompanied by the emergence of different movements which suggest different approaches and theoretical ground to the new ideology. In this respect, it is possible to single out liberal and conservative approaches to the green ideology. The liberal approach stands on the ground of the active human participation of the environmental problems, while the conservative approaches is mainly focused on the laissez-faire principle.

To put it more precisely, the liberal approach stands on the ground that human activities are the primary cause of the current environmental problems, such as the global climate change (Kassman, 175). Therefore, liberals suggest that it is necessary to eliminate causes of the environmental pollution, i.e. stop human activities which may be dangerous to the environment, and, in addition, to start programs which could improve the environmental situation. Thus, liberals believe that humans should be active participants of the environment protection process.

In stark contrast, conservatives believe that human interference in nature is not desirable. Therefore, they believe that the green ideology should focus on the elimination of environmentally dangerous activities of humans, while the recovery of the nature is a responsibility of nature and God, while humans are unable to help the nature to recover (Lewis, 285).

Obviously, the liberal position seems to be more logical and efficient since it is impossible to change the environmental situation efficiently without changing the lifestyle of people and developing special programs which can accelerate the natural recovery. In fact, people need to be active participants of the nature recovery process, but they have to be very careful with their interference in nature.

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