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“Humans are 99.9% identical genetically. Of the tiny amount of difference that exists, 85% is found in any local group, be they Italians, Kurds, or Cherokees. For example, two random Koreans are likely to be genetically different as a Korean and Italian.” (PBS, the Power of an Illusion)

The statement states the facts that have been proven and that exist for real. This statement provides evidence that it makes no sense to speak of races at a genetic level and excludes all the possible questions considering the race. The race, as a fact, can be described as a kind of appearance of people of the particular area, according to Humans are 99.9 per cent identical: Study (2002).

The identities of people are obvious and there are created fake theories considering the differences of the race, etc.

Race is definitely socially constructed to be able to “rule” people and create different goods and products especially for that race. Distinguishing the race can be considered a business of a kind, as all people are almost identical and there is no need to think about the race. As an evidence of the fact that the race is socially constructed are the prejudices that do not allow people live the way they want. There are some issues that are prohibited to talk about, or to do. There are also many other customs and traditions that “determine” the race, according to Humans are 99.9 per cent identical: Study (2002).

It can be said that the social justice implications of classifying people according to “race” include the judgment of people who are of this or that kind of race, of the things these people do, the way they look like, the traditions they have and the accent or manners they express. Today, the fact that people are 99% genetically identical does not convince the society, as each person tries to be different from others, tries to be unique and special. There are created many theories with the peculiarities of each race, of uniqueness of each race and also some kind of “domination” of this or that race. Some races are even perceived as the races of “slaves” or “always working people”.

In general, people lie to classify, to distinguish, to show the difference and to point things. As a fact, race is not as important as it is considered now. Some people feel that they do not understand a person completely if they do not know him, and that there is something unknown in him. The majority of people do not know that humans are 99.9% identical genetically, and they judge by the appearance, by the peculiarities of the image, etc, according to Genetic reality of race (2002). This is obviously wrong, as people have to be “evaluated” by the other parameters. Often, people of the same race can not find the mutual language and often, especially in this century, with the appearance of the internet, people have become much closer to each other, even living on other continents. Race does not resolve anything, it is all about people who find their wrong answers considering others in their race.

Communication and understanding of others is not connected with the race, but with the person himself- how he behaves and what he thinks, how he relates to others. All in all, the statement shows the real situation and the imaginary differences that the society creates among people- the race limits.

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