“Listen” by Beyonce essay

Listen is a popular song by Beyonce released in the late 2006. First appeared as a single from the film soundtrack album, Listen had gained popularity and public acclaim in a relatively short period of time. Initially, this song was released in theUSon December 5, 2006 and within less than three months, on February 19, it was released in theUKthat was a perfect evidence of the popularity of the song as well as the entire album. At the same time, this song became not only the part of the soundtrack but it was also included into the singer’s second solo studio album B’Day, in 2006.

In fact, it should be said that the song became really popular but it was not only due to the singer’s professional performance and singing but, instead, it is necessary to underline the song represents a cooperation of a composer, a poet, and a singer. In other words, Beyonce could hardly create such a song without the assistance of the composer, Henry Krieger, and Anne Preven who composed the song’s lyrics. Using this material, Beyonce managed to sing a song which became quite popular not only in theUSbut also oversea.

In this respect, it should be said that the song was nominated for the 2007 Golden Globe Award and the 2007 Academy Award for Best Original Song. Soon after its release, the singer scored positive reviews from critics and became very popular among the mass audience. The popularity of Listen is basically explained by the high quality of performance as well as by the high quality of music and lyrics itself that affects feelings and emotions of the audience.

Thus, it is possible to estimate that Listen may be viewed as a hit that was positively accepted by both critics and the mass audience.

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