Literature Essay


The literary essay represents the prosaic composition of small volume and free composition. The volume of the essay fluctuates within 7-50 pages, but reaches 10-20 more often. The purpose of literature essay, generally, is interpretation or information, instead of retelling or showing the drama image of any event. Therefore, into a narration of the literary essay are not entered any invented characters and the plot line. The classical literary essay has a publicistic orientation. Thus, the basic element distinguishing this genre from a sketch, expression is underlined the individual author’s point of view on a described event, the phenomenon, a problem, etc. Such type has special popularity in the literary critic. Objectivity for the sake of, it is necessary to tell that the essay genre ceased to bear long ago only a literary and critical orientation. Today we can meet popular scientific, fictional, philosophical, historical and biographic and other types of the essay very often. Essays are reflections of the author on any subject.

To write the essay deserving an excellent assessment, you should remember some recommendations.

1. Obligatory formal the work’s requirement is heading.

2. The most important requirement of substantial character is the statement of a look of the writer on a considered problem. Here options are possible: comparison of already known opinions, writing or only expression of certain author’s thoughts on a case in point.

3. As means of art expressiveness when writing the essay use of different associations, metaphors, reduction of aphorisms, comparisons, quotes (however it is worth to remember that the essay is after all personal opinion and to be fond of citing it is not necessary), carrying out parallels and analogies of nominative is welcomed. Vivacity and dynamism usually give to the essay text questions, unexpected transitions, unpredictable conclusions.

4. In essay it is necessary to avoid such phrases like “In my composition I will tell about ”¦”, “In this essay the problem ”¦”, etc. It is advisable to rearrange them with questions. After all, the main purpose of the writing is to interest the reader, and to inform him the main author’s point of view, to think about certain problems and situations, to draw own conclusions on studied questions.

Extremely important thing in writing essay is stating the point of view because your essay is the result of research activities. You research of the literary text, which is examining the whole context of a literary masterpiece, must point to a discovery made ??by a writer or a poet.

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